Christmas in July – 2021

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Christmas? In July???

Yup. You’ve been thinking about doing boudoir photos for a long time and you want to give the gift of your photos to someone special for Christmas. The best time to do it is NOW. Boudoir photos are not something you can rush, there is a lot of planning to get those gorgeous shots and we need time to plan everything from your wardrobe down to your poses. You’re busy enough during the holidays, you don’t need the added pressure of extra things to worry about.

I only shoot two sessions a week due to my recent health issues (which means there are only 9 dates available in July) because I want to be sure my girls have plenty to time to get their sessions planned, their wardrobe chosen and images ordered for holiday gift giving.

I also need to make sure I have enough time to edit your photos and get them into an album and printed. Getting comfortable with my editing process has been – let’s say interesting – and I want to be sure I have plenty of time to devote to the work I do after your session.

Shooting in July means that you can also get those smoking HOT outdoor shoots or water shoots ** that just aren’t available in November.

We are booking boudoir shoots for July RIGHT NOW. We only book 8-9 sessions per month so that every client gets the personalized experience necessary. We want time to create your tastefully sexy albums and wall art that shows off your best features!

Schedule your session by July 31 and pay only $300.

If you want to have an amazing album or framed photo to present to your love on Christmas morning, you don’t want to wait ‘til the last minute.

Your session fee of $300 covers EVERYTHING below and acts as a non-refundable retainer to reserve your date.

  • Half hour pre-planning session
  • Access to the Studio Closet
  • Up to 5 wardrobe changes
  • Your favorite music playing in the background
  • One hour camera time
  • Step by step pose coaching from Jackee & Pru
  • 10 Magazine quality edited digital images printable up to 5 x 7in images ($200 value)
  • $50 print credit to use toward additional images (albums, wall art, canvas)
  • Up to 60 images to choose your images from**

Professional Hair and Makeup with Pru from Rustic Cuts & Co may be added at an additional charge ($100 value)

Pay in full or make two $150 payments.

**Additional prints, digitals and other products are sold separately
**Water sessions are an additional $100 and take place at Hayman Falls in Shawano County (afternoons) and Neshotah Beach in Two Rivers (early mornings)

Mention this post to take advantage of our Christmas in July Special!

Why Do A Wisconsin Boudoir Session

Appleton Wisconsin Boudoir

There are dozens of reasons to do an intimate photography session, but here are some just for you over 40 babes

  • You bought all that lingerie and it just sits in your drawers
  • You want to celebrate that weight loss, new boyfriend, divorce
  • You are finally old enough to appreciate yourself
  • His birthday is coming up and he doesn’t need any more damn tools
  • Your anniversary is coming up and he doesn’t need any more damn tools
  • YOUR birthday is coming up and you deserve it
  • You just got a divorce and it sucks to be him
  • You just need some time for you to get glammed up and feel sexy again
  • You’re getting married again and you want to remind him of what he’s getting
  • You’re an empty nester and you need something grown-up to decorate your nest
  • You want to start loving yourself but you’re not sure where to start
  • You just went through a huge transformation internally or externally
  • You want to know what confidence looks like on you!

VIP Group Member Contest

While down with a killer case of the flu this past week, I’ve been hanging out on my mentor boards and revisiting classes I’ve taken in the past.

Whenever I look through my member list I think to myself how I’d shoot each and every one of you, whether it would be boudoir, glamour or a headshot; Many of you have photos with your daughters or moms, I think how lovely a photo would be for you; you are so beautiful in your own right and I know you all have a story to tell, a story that should be seen by other women and I think I’ve come up with a way to showcase at least ONE of you.

From now until Thursday Dec. 21, the CURRENT member that adds the most NEW members will win a FREE Valentine’s session (must be shot during the first week of January).

You will win an hour session, hair and make-up, professional posing assistance and 5 (five) professionally printed 4×6 prints. The session is worth over $200. The winner must also sign a model release so that I can use your photos for adverting; you CAN pose anonymously (see images below).

Contest closes Thursday, December 21 at 5pm and winner is announced LIVE, Friday, Dec. 22 at 9am.

Not a member? Join the VIP Group!

In keeping with Facebook rules, the winner will be notified via email on Thurs. evening, so be sure to email me and let me know that you’ve added your FIRST new member to get your name on the list and I’ll announce the winner publicly on Facebook

Baby It’s Cold Outside

What the hell is boo-dar? Or bwoo-door. Or any number of goofy ways that people usually pronounce the word boudoir (boo-dwah, btw).

First, I’ll tell you what it’s NOT. It is not naked women rolling around in dark rooms having their photos taken. While it can definitely BE sexy, it’s not really ABOUT sex. It’s about how a woman feels about herself, her life, her relationship, her lover. It’s a celebration of your life, of your accomplishments, of your own personal beauty.

We are so goddam hard on ourselves – about everything from what kind of mother we are to our looks; but it’s our looks that we are the hardest on. Otherwise explain the ungodly amount of money that’s spent in one month alone on make-up, gizmos to remove hair and gym memberships. All in the name of trying to make ourselves beautiful.

A couple of weeks ago a client laughed and said to me “Make me sexy.” If you were the most beautiful woman in the world I could not “make” you sexy. I can make you beautiful, but sexy is a whole different animal. Sexy isn’t something you can brush on or wear, sexy is something you feel. Sexy is confidence.

It’s feeling good about yourself and when you feel good about yourself you stand a little taller and your eyes sparkle and your smile is just that much brighter. It’s like being in love with yourself.

Let me make you fall in love with you.

Merry Christmas!

He’s Checking His List …

Happy Holidays The older I get, the fewer answers I have when someone ask me what I want for Christmas. I’m not and have never been a huge jewelry fan, though my spouse has gotten me some pretty pieces. Get me no plant … I will kill them. Seriously.

You’d think my family knew m well enough to at least find out what I want, but I’m beginning to see that the things I’ve thought I was pounding into their heads over the past 30 years has fallen on deaf ears.

For the most part, I have everything I’ve ever wanted and what I don’t have, I don’ see myself getting in the near future.

But from you, dear and loyal client, what is most important is word of mouth.

I’ve taken quite the little slew of what I like to call “panty pictures” over the summer and if what I’ve been told, my clients are pleased with the results. And this is where it should get easy: my clients are HAPPY and they know DOZENS of women who work with dozens of women who play darts with dozens of women … see where I’m going here?

A photographer’s most valued gift is word of mouth and I’d love for you to use your mouth to help me grow my business.

Even though I’ve had to change HOW I run my business, I intend to KEEP running my business and I am grateful to God for each and every one of my clients and supporters (those people who don’t have their photos taken, but refer me to others) I am thankful for your faith, belief, and appreciation of my work.

That’s why I’m starting a Client Referral Program!!

For every client you refer who books and completes a Boudoir/Glamour Portrait Session, you will receive a $25 Referral Credit towards your OWN session!

I will keep track of each referral and notify you via email of each one. If you are one of my loyal friends, but haven’t had a chance to book your own session, that’s even better! Just make sure the person you refer gives me your name and email address and I’ll add you to the program to start getting your credits so you can get your own dang photos taken!

Anyone can play – friends, people who love my work, people who want to have their photos taken – everybody’s welcome!

Your credits start to add up immediately as soon as someone SHOOTS their appointment.

The best part?
There is no limit to the number of credits you can accumulate and they won’t expire (they also arent worth any money, so they can’t be traded in for anything else 😉 )! Just think, only THIRTY TWO referrals to get The Whole Damn Works for FREE!!!!

Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from SassyBee Glamour Photography

Turns out December has been a very … trying month. I was having some health issues and putting them off because I’m a pussy, but when I was finally dragged kicking and screaming to the doc’s office, some of my fears were put to rest. The news was not as good as I’d hoped for, but better than what I’d been expecting.

I kinda went off the deep end; in the past that would have meant a week long date with Jim Beam, but those days are past me and I’ve just been trying to work my head around what my life is gonna be like from now on. I’m still having a hard time with it and I expect I will continue to have a hard time, but – and ain’t that always how it goes – some good has come out of the crud.

First, I’ve decided to close down the studio – a little less stress in my life is not a bad thing. All future work will be done on location.

Second, I realized that I had a LOT of time on my hands this past few weeks, which led me to decide that I was going to do some REAL holiday decorating for the first time in years. Christmas is a tough time for me anyway and the past three years has sucked a lot more of the joy out of the holiday so I’ve done hardly any decorating at all. It’s been kind of a piss poor tribute to my mother’s favorite holiday and pretty rotten for my family.

I’ve also been doing some long overdue de-hoarding. Laws. I had a lot of junk. I have a lot less now. I wish losing weight was as easy as getting rid of junk.

Third, I’ve decided that I am NOT giving up my goal of spending the rest of my life making other women’s lives just a little but better.

I know I can’t make you love your body or see that you’re beautiful, but I CAN show you what the rest of the world sees and give you a lasting memento that will give your self-esteem a kick in the ass every time you look at it. What starts out as a gift for a loved one (whether it’s boudoir or glamour) will turn into lasting reminder that you really ARE kick-ass hot.

And that I WILL promise you.

Why Do A Glamour Session?

Wisconsin Women's PhotographyHave you been thinking about having boudoir photos taken, but just.don’t.have.the.courage? Yeah … when I had mine done 25 years ago (I’ll have to dig those puppies out one of these days), it took me MONTHS to make the decision. And honestly, even back then, when even professional photographers were doing boudoir that looked like it came out of a Glamour Shots studio, I was really glad I’d done it. It gave me a LOT of confidence.

And one of these days, I’m gonna do it again.

But let’s get back to YOU.

Do you keep telling yourself that you’re too, wait for it … tired, busy, old, fat … whatever reason all women give themselves for NOT doing something nice for themselves.

Why NOT do something for yourself – right now? You DON’T have to lose weight. You DON’T have to let your hair grow out. You DON’T even have to have a boyfriend or a husband (though they are nice to have around, I’ll admit).

The holidays are coming up and we all have someone that would enjoy a professional photo of you, whether it’s your children, your parents or yes, even your boyfriend or husband.

So, rather than jumping right into the more risqué aspect of photography (corset and stockings and high heels, oh MY!) start with baby steps.

MadBee Photography is running a very affordable Glam Session special for the Fall.

Glamour photography is different than boudoir photography. It’s about making you look and feel incredible without taking your clothes off! Your photos will be classy and elegant enough to be handed down as heirlooms to your children and grandchildren.

Glamour photos make awesome gifts for anyone you love.

And for yourself, as well!

Glamour photography is all about you, not what you’re wearing (or not wearing), so your wardrobe should be consist of of your FAVORITE outfits and accessories. Bring those clothes that you feel INCREDIBLE in, the outfits that make you feel beautiful.

So what about that whole “Photoshop” thing? Why bother getting your photo taken if you don’t even look like yourself when the photos are done?

You can see that my finished photos don’t have that “plastic” look. My subjects look just like themselves – but without dark circles, bloodshot eyes or pimples. I smooth your skin and brighten your eyes and bring out your natural beauty.

I’ve worked with women from the age of 16 to the age of 86 and they’ve all loved their portraits. I promise you will, too.