Mothers and Daughters

Mother/Daughter Portraits - $179

I can’t repeat enough how much I would give to have a good photo of my mom and myself.

Mothers and daughters have a connection that spans years, from that first eye contact, to the first day of school to choosing a prom dress, then a wedding dress and beyond.

It can’t be described as a friendship, because a mother can love no one like she loves her daughter; a daughter can trust and admire no one the way she does her mother.
I can’t stress how much YOUR mom or YOUR daughter will treasure a photo of the two of you together.

If you’re looking for a Mother’s day gift that will really mean something, that will be different than flowers, candy or a robe, get your photos taken together.

It’s always hard to decide what to give Mom for Mother’s Day, but trust me, a photo of her and you is the perfect gift.

Give a lasting memory to the special Mom in your life. She’ll love you for it

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Why Have Professional Photos Taken

Everybody who has a phone has a camera, so everybody has photos of all the cute things their kids do or their Christmas tree or their new car or just about anything. It’s become almost natural to flip out your smartphone and snap away like there’s no tomorrow.

And that’s great. All memories are great. But what happens to those photos? A lot of them get shared on Facebook or Instagram. But the majority of them stay on the phone. Or they get deleted to make room for more pictures. Or you get a new phone and your old phone gets tossed in a drawer, with those pictures never again to be seen.

Pictures are and have always been a big deal in my family, and as it turns out, in my husband’s family as well.

Sadly, most of the photos from my youth disappeared over the years, but I have the sweetest photo of my mother as a child and we’ve inherited heirloom photos from my husband’s family. Alll three of them hang in places of honor on our living room walls. They’ll be passed down to our children, too.

Nearly every wall in my dining room and living room are covered with photos and I have a big bin full of the photos that have hung one our walls over the past 27 years.

Wisconsin Heirloom Photography

I made sure that our little family had a professional photo taken every year as our children were growing (well, if you can consider KMart and Sears professional, lol) and I’ve tried to get one every other year now that the kids are grown and moved out. Why? Because people change; kids grow up, parents die, we get son-in-laws and grandchildren. And while we have all the great memories, a photo will freeze that memory and allow us to relive it over and over.

Wisconsin Family Photography

A photograph keeps a moment from running away.” ~ Eudora Welty

I Want to Take Your Photo

There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding as to the type of photography that I do. I SPECIALIZE in taking women’s photos. There is nothing that makes my heart sing more than when a woman looks at her photos and actually sees the beauty that has always been in her, but that she just couldn’t see. As a woman myself, with all insecurities that all women have, I KNOW the struggles other women face about their looks on a daily basis. I know how hard it is to see our own beauty when Photoshopped magazine and catalogs are picked up from our mailboxes every day.

I understand being self-conscious in front of the camera. I think that EVERYONE must be staring at that zit, mole, wrinkle, that in reality only *I* see because I see it EVERY DAY.

I know what it is to tell myself that I need to lose weight, I don’t have the time, I look so tired. I CAN’T have my photo taken.

We, as women are our own worst enemies and not only are we depriving ourselves, but we’re depriving our loved ones of memories of ourselves in the future. I know I’ve said it before, but I ave only one photo of my mother (taken by the well-known CountrySide Studios) and one of myself and my mother taken on my wedding day 28 years ago. Why? Because she’d literally RUN from a camera. She’d flap her hands up in front of her face and actually get angry if someone tried to take her photo.

Now all I have to remember her beauty (and she WAS a true beauty, though she didn’t see it) are two pictures and the dwindling number of people who knew her. I can’t begin to tell you what I’d give for a proper photo of my mother and myself.

So … those are the reasons I SPECIALIZE in women’s photography.

I love to shoot mamas & daughters, sisters, best friends and women by themselves.

But I also do and LOVE other sorts of photography. I have a ball shooting with seniors and getting that one perfect shot makes me do a little dance every time. Maternity sessions make me weepy … I wish we’d thought to do that sort of thin when I was carrying my own two sweet babies. Family sessions are awesome … especially with older kids that have a great relationship with their parents.

I SPECIALIZE in photographing women, but I LOVE taking portraits of EVERYBODY – and their horse, lol.