Long Hot Summer Sessions

It’s cold and rainy so today is the perfect day for me to sit down and tell y’all a little about the Long Hot Summer sessions. While I’ve been away Facebook has done something very weird to posts and I can’t post about them where it makes sense, so here I am!!!

The books are currently filled for “Christmas in July” sessions, but look here! We’re offering poolside “Long, Hot Summer Sessions”

Want an idea of what they look like? Hover over the images over there on the sidebar (FULL DISCLOSURE: THOSE ARE NOT MY PHOTOS. THEY ARE EXAMPLES)!

These sessions are MUCH SHORTER, MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE and are only being offered here in group, just for our members.

The “Long, Hot Summer” sessions cost $150 (hair/makeup with Pru is extra) – 30-45 minutes in front of the camera and 10 digital (MY CHOICE) images with a print release. We shoot under the apple tree, next to the pool and we provide the props; you provide the wardrobe (we will have kimonos and wraps available). We’ve got sunhats, pool noodles, lawn chairs, floaties, and a bunch of OTHER fun pool accessories.

Bring a friend, bring a bottle of wine, bring your own props and DON’T FORGET YOUR SUIT!

The Studio is open for “Long, Hot Summer” sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am to 11am AND 6pm to 8pm so as not to coincide with other sessions we have booked. Right now, our “Long, Hot Summer” sessions availability is as follows: July 13 and 15, July 20 and 22. July 27 and MAYBE July 29.

If you’re booking hair/makeup with Pru it is your responsibility to SET IT UP!

Just a word about why you should have your hair and makeup by a professional: Pru sets aside time in her salon JUST FOR YOU, applies makeup that we KNOW will stay on your face and SHOW UP in your photos and a your hairstyle will will last through the gymnastics we put you through.