Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Professional Hair and MakeUp With YOUR Stylist?

Every photo shoot with JLReis Photography includes having your hair and makeup done by our professional stylist to make sure that your photos are flawless. Prudence has been a hair and makeup stylist for over 20 years and she’s worked with me for over four years. As a professional she knows that what you see in the mirror and what the camera sees is very different.

In order to make you look stunning, but NATURAL, Prudence will apply your makeup and style your hair so that it’ll last throughout your shoot. We’re gonna have you rolling around on the bed or the floor, running your fingers through your hair and you can be sure that your hair & makeup will stay PUT the whole time.

I Want to Look Natural, I Don’t Wear a Lot of Makeup

No one walks around every day with a full face of makeup, not even a Kardashian. But when they’re in front of the camera their makeup is VERY different than it is when they aren’t; even if you want to look natural in your photos you will be wearing a lot more makeup than you do even when you go out at night. You’ll have a heavier liner, fluffier lashes, more contouring … it’ll look drastic in the mirror, but natural on camera. You can trust Pru, she knows what she’s doing and she’s fantastic at it!

I Am NOT a Model, I Have No Idea How To Pose. Can You Help?

We photograph real people, not models. Pru and I know all the tips and tricks to create the most flattering angles for women of all shapes and sizes. Remember how I said you’d be rolling around on the floor? You will … and so will we. We show you how pose from fingers to toes.

Can I Bring A Friend?

We know you might feel more comfortable if you bring a friend, but we also know that having a friend in the room might make you self conscious, too. Just one side-eye from your bestie could ruin the whole day! If having her along will make you feel more comfortable, she is more than welcome, but you might actually feel more at ease if she’s not there.

In the event that you do bring a friend please be aware that no cameras are allowed. That means cellphone stay in your purse. And unless you’re having a couples session, no men are allowed in the studio at any time.

Where Do You Shoot?

Most sessions take place in my cozy little studio and my three acre yard, but we do shoot on location as well.

We love shooting on location because it makes your session truly unique to you. Pru and I know dozens of places – indoor and out – all over the state, all you need to do is let us know what you’ve got in mind and we’ll get it set up!**

Looking for a little something extra? Let’s talk about our outside clawfoot tub or naughty angel wings.

Do You Photoshop My Images?

I edit for lighting and color, but I know that’s not what you’re asking. Of course I edit your photos! I pop your eyes, I get rid of zits and those marks that won’t be there two weeks after your session. I DO NOT make you a size four. I DO NOT “shave off” 20 lbs. I give you photos that look like you, but more sparkly!

Beauty? Boudoir? Glamour? WHAT???

Beauty and Glamour Sessions include Mother/Daughter session, Sister Sessions or Friend Sessions. Fully clothed sessions like a head-shot or magazine shoot. Clients wear glamorous gowns, furs, coordinated outfits … anything that makes them feel awesome and GORGEOUS. Your photos can be framed and hung on your living room wall or sit on your husband’s desk.

Boudoir is a sexier, more intimate session with the appearance of – or actual – nudity. Your photos are meant to be seen ONLY by someone specuial, whether ir’s you or your SO.

Do I Have To Be Naked?

Absolutely NOT! Your boudoir session is all about you, if you feel sexy or gorgeous in a long sleeve button down blouse, that’s what we shoot. You don’t have to be naked. You don’t have to wear lingerie. We talk about what makes you feel good and build your session around THAT. And btw … boudoir is NOT porn.

I Don’t Have Lingerie, I Don’t Even Know Where To Buy It!

If you don’t have our What to Wear guide, get it now! It’s free and you’ll be signed up for our monthly newsletter.

We have a HUGE selection of outfits from stockings and lingerie to furs in every size. We have sky high heels, thigh high boots, body jewelry and even tiaras. When you come in for your free meeting we’ll go through the wardrobe and you can pick out anything you want to wear!

What The Heck Am I Gonna Do With Pictures of Myself?

When you first get your photos you’ll look at them over and over and you won’t believe it’s YOU. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to get them done and what you were ever nervous about. Just like your favorite photos from years ago, you’ll look at them and see how much fun you had and you’ll remember how beautiful you felt in front of the camera. And years from now you’ll take them out and look at them again and remember …

You’ll give them to your sweetie and he’ll be blown away. He’ll never look at you again without remembering what you look like in these photos. He’ll take out that little box of photos over and over to go through them. If you have the phone app he’ll be able to peek at them whenever he wants!

Will My Photos End Up On Your Website or Your Facebook?

No one sees your photos unless you want them to. That’s it and that’s that.

Do You Photograph Men?

Unless you’re having a couple’s session, JLReis Photography does not shoot men solo. That may change in the future.

Do You Shoot Couples’ Boudoir?

We DO shoot couples – traditional and same sex. While we ARE very open-minded and are never judgmental, we DO NOT shoot EXPLICIT sex acts (no penetration of any kind, no full frontal poses, no genital close ups). Please feel free to ask if you have something particular in mind, we’ll be happy to talk about it!

What other types of photography do you do?

We shoot all women: mothers, mothers and daughters, sisters, best friends … any combination. I also shoot high school seniors (guys and girls).

You have angel Wings??? And a Clawfoot tub???

Yes! I made the angel wings just for my clients. They are a beautiful and black and fluffy. There is an additional fee of $75 per session/per client to use them and it is totally worth it!

My claw-foot tub was such a beautiful addition to the studio that we’re looking for another one to be set up outside!!!. Everyone loves the tub! If you wish a ‘dry tub’ (no water, no bubbles) session, there are no additional fees. If you choose an extended tub session (with flowers, balloons or bubbles), there is an additional $75 fee.

** Location sessions are an additional $125-$175 depending on location.