Prepare for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Valentine’s Day is coming up, beauties. If you’re thinking of having your photos done for that special someone I’ve got some tips and tricks for you so you’ll be ready for your big day. If you start getting ready at least two weeks before your session, you’ll be more than ready when the shutter clicks.

SKIN – My biggest tip for skin, especially during the winter, but basically all year round, is to invest in a jar of coconut oil. Bring it home, heat it up in the microwave, then funnel it into a small squeeze bottle and put it in your shower. When you get in the shower, put that bottle near the drain so that the coconut oil melts again and before you get out of the shower, after you’ve washed, conditioned and shaved, rub it all over your wet body and massage it in. Coconut oil is amazing and can be used for so many things (make-up remover and frying hamburgers to name just a few) but it’s the perfect skin moisturizer. Check your current body lotion. The first ingredient is WATER. What does water do when it sits on a surface? It evaporates. If that surface is your skin, it evaporates and takes all the moisture with it. Hello sandpaper skin!

I’m not gonna tell you not to tan, we all look good with a little golden glow. Just don’t overdo it, girl! And don’t do it right before your session. Buy a small package a week or two before your session so you have just the tiniest bit of color.

Stay the hell away from spray tans and self tanners! I don’t care what they tell you, you look ORANGE. You will photograph ORANGE. And I will try to edit your photos and lose my mind. Say no to the oompa-loompa look and we’ll all be happy.

Appleton Boudoir Photography

DIET – In the week before your session drink a LOT of water and stay away from anything you know makes you bloaty.

EXERCISE – Wait, what? Calm down, I’m not suggesting you run out and sign up for a Zumba class. I’m just saying you’re gonna need to limber up before your session. Pru and I put you in to some interesting positions, so stretching the 2-3 days before your session would be smart.

Appleton Boudoir Photography

HAIR/MAKEUP – I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having your hair and makeup done professionally. Our HMUA, Prudence is amazing. She not only has years of experience behind the chair, she gets you rolling and loosens you up before you step in front of the camera. She’s our very own Instigator of Underwear

Appleton Boudoir Photography

WARDROBE – Wear something loose the day of your session. No bra, no socks and nothing that goes on or comes off over your head.
We will discuss your session wardrobe before the day of your shoot, but I want you to wear what makes you feel comfortable and sexy. If you buy something new for the session wear it a few times before you come in. Lay down, roll around in it. Stretch (there’s that damn exercise again!) and bend. If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfits it will come across in your photos. We don’t want that.

Appleton Boudoir Photography

SHOES – I suggest you bring HOT shoes. I don’t mean those shoes you bought for your cousin’s wedding or the nice pair you wear to church. For these kind of photos you need CFM pumps … stripper heels. You’re not gonna be walking in them, in fact we don’t allow that, but you’ll be wearing them to make your legs look AMAZING. Don’t have CFMs? That’s okay, I DO. And I have them in YOUR size. If I don’t, I’ll get them.

Appleton Boudoir Photography

PRACTICE – While we’re on the subject of looking amazing, practice “looking sexy”. Whoever you’re having these photos done for, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, you want your images to have the WOW factor. So, if you’re not already, practice being comfortable with yourself. Run your hands up and down your body. Stretch and arch and run your fingers through your hair. Look in the mirror and lick your lips, throw yourself kisses, cross your eyes and throw your head back and laugh … do it til you get comfortable with it (which will never happen, doll, but now you know what we’re gonna be doing when you show up for your session).

Appleton Boudoir Photography

SLEEP – Go to bed early the night before your shoot and think sexy thoughts

FINALLY – Don’t do anything crazy in the days before your session. Don’t decide you’ll look better as a redhead. Or shave one side of your head. Or get a tattoo

Appleton Boudoir Photography

WE’RE GONNA HAVE FUN – Unless you PLAN on looking like Cinderella or Snow White, we’re going for SIZZLE. SMOKE. HOT. I can take the photo, but YOU gotta give me the goods. We don’t want a stiff Barbie doll in front in front of the camera and I know you don’t want to be stiff either.
I do this because I believe with all my heart that EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL and that if they can SEE it, they’ll believe it. I want my clients to take out their photos and look at them and be reminded that the beautiful, confident HOT chick in those images is always with her.

So! If you’re thinking of having your photos taken, give yourself and US enough time. Time to pick your wardrobe, time to choose your favorites, time to edit your final images and time to create and order that special album or wall print.

Ready? We’re here to start walking you through every single minute.


Boudoir sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Valentine’s Day Boudoir 2019

The Christmas season is over and we hope it was your best ever! This was our busiest, and most fun, Christmas season to date and Pru and I hope the new year brings more fun and love.

So … about Valentines Day! Time is flying my girlies and I only have a few days open to guarantee delivery for Valentine’s Day!

We are running a Valentine’s Day Special: Forty-five minute session, professional make-up by the stunning and talented Prudence from Rustic Cuts & Co. This includes a minimum of seven fully edited images with print release.
Reservation fee is $175, paid in full before your session. Images and print release will be delivered via private gallery in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day.

Want to skip the hassle of printing your own photos? Create a stunning 6×6 twelve-page photo album for an additional $179.

Shoot dates are limited for January: 8,9 and 10

Boudoir sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

VIP Group Member Contest

While down with a killer case of the flu this past week, I’ve been hanging out on my mentor boards and revisiting classes I’ve taken in the past.

Whenever I look through my member list I think to myself how I’d shoot each and every one of you, whether it would be boudoir, glamour or a headshot; Many of you have photos with your daughters or moms, I think how lovely a photo would be for you; you are so beautiful in your own right and I know you all have a story to tell, a story that should be seen by other women and I think I’ve come up with a way to showcase at least ONE of you.

From now until Thursday Dec. 21, the CURRENT member that adds the most NEW members will win a FREE Valentine’s session (must be shot during the first week of January).

You will win an hour session, hair and make-up, professional posing assistance and 5 (five) professionally printed 4×6 prints. The session is worth over $200. The winner must also sign a model release so that I can use your photos for adverting; you CAN pose anonymously (see images below).

Contest closes Thursday, December 21 at 5pm and winner is announced LIVE, Friday, Dec. 22 at 9am.

Not a member? Join the VIP Group!

In keeping with Facebook rules, the winner will be notified via email on Thurs. evening, so be sure to email me and let me know that you’ve added your FIRST new member to get your name on the list and I’ll announce the winner publicly on Facebook

Ideal Client – Who Am I Doing This For

Ideal Client - Boudoir Glamour Photography in Green Bay, Appleton, Seymour, Shawano, Wisconsin

Sitting down and writing a blog post to my ideal client, or getting an ad ready for my Facebook page is my favorite time of day. I know I have a dozen other things to do, both at home and for work, and I’d rather be watching something new on Netflix (Bates Hotel, anyone?), and I’ll get to the things I have to do (dishes, laundry, vacuuming, meeting with clients, etc.), just like you, but for this little bit of time I get to do something that I really enjoy.

And that’s talking to YOU.

Someone asked me WHY in the name of Jesus do I like to take boudoir photos. Because it’s FUN. It’s fun to pick clothes or outfits for you (finally getting to use what I learned in cosmetology school about colors – spring, fall, you know), to help you make the sexiest photos for the love of your life. Or showing you how to pose to disguise or play down areas of your body that YOU think are bad (odds are no one else notices them as much as you do).

I like to make pretty things. My sister loves to take photos of beautiful flowers – me? Not so much. When I go to New Orleans, I take photos of the architecture and what have you, but it’s the PEOPLE that I concentrate on. When I go on a picture taking trip with my sister, I focus on people.

I want to give you something that you can hold in your hand, tomorrow, next month or in five years that will remind you that you ARE beautiful I have clients who’ve told me that they actually DO take their photos out and look at them, sometimes more than their husband or boyfriend. And that’s because I know that even if you’re giving these photos to someone else as a gift, your HAVING it done for you.

How do I know that? Because like you, I am a woman. I LOVE getting dressed up, I love putting on makeup and having my hair done. I love gossiping and telling secrets (seems like every job I’ve had included women telling me secrets, lol).

So, that’s some of the reasons why I do this.

And now I’m off to do a buch of crud I don’t wanna do.

Random Evening Thoughts

Whenever I’m having a crisis of belief in myself (and trust me, that happens a lot), I go back and read through Sue Bryce​’s blog.

I discovered Sue about 3-4 years ago, right about the time everybody else did. She burst into the glam/boudoir photography world with a BANG, a goddamn black-eyed phenomenon from “Down Under” with the cutest accent, who became an over night success in the United States.

Sue Bryce - My Hero

Of course she’d been working her ass off for twenty years in Australia … so much for overnight successes.

But if I ever had a hero, and idol, she’s it and she’s what keeps me going when I want to quit. I got back and start going through some of her earliest blog entries, before she moved to the states and I find myself being inspired again.

While I love her style, I know I’ll never produce the kind of work she does – and truthfully I don’t want to. I don’t want to “Brycify” my work. That’s HER, it’s not ME. But her drive, her gumption, her force of will – that’s what keeps me going.

Things are tough right now, I’m not gonna lie; anyone who knows me knows I don’t sugar-coat a lot. I make a lot of jokes, but the truth is always there just under the surface.

I’m going into my fourth year of business and I’m finally seeing a change – in myself, in my work, in how potential clients see me. It’s encouraging, but of course, it’s not happening fast enough. I want it all right now. Because we never know what tomorrow is going to bring.

But I feel it there, I feel like this year is gonna be my year. It’s right there and I can touch it.

I haven’t done much since returning from New Orleans – I hadn’t realized how much I missed it and I was in a slump when I got back.

New Orleans Skyline

Then there was Christmas and it was wonderful.

I’ve been studying marketing and thinking of different things that I can offer as a boudoir/glamour photographer in the Green Bay area … something to make me stand out and get women interested in having their portrait taken. I’ve got some great ideas.

I was watching one of the entertainment shows and they had interviewed Debbie Reynolds back in the ’90’s, asking how she kept going. I’m paraphrasing here, but she said, “I just got up and kept going. I wanted to lay down and hide and sometimes I did for a day or two, but then I got up and kept going.”

Thanks, MsReynolds

Kinda rambling, I told you, lol.

Small Business Saturday

So it’s Small Business Saturday and you get the rewards!

Small Business Saturday

Always with the fine print!

1. All sales MUST BE BOOKED AND PAID FOR by 11/27. Please don’t email me or Facebook msg me and think you have a session, sadly it can’t work that way.
2. Book and pay by the end of November 27, 2016. There are only 8 spots available in order for me to make the magic in time for Valentines’ Day.
3. You snooze, you lose, I can no longer pass on past sale prices once the special has passed.
4. If you plan to order a gift certificate, they also must be paid for by the end of November 27, 2016 and good only for the TYPE OF session you choose (The Flirt or The Quickie). The CAN be used at any time but cannot be used in conjunction with any other sales, offers or gift certificates.
5. Hair and make-up can be added to The Flirt Session for an additional charge.
6. Must be 21 or older.

There are only eight sessions available, first come, fist serve. Full payment and a signed contract are required to hold your spot.

If you have any questions, please contact me prior to November 26th. Email:

It’s the same Dang Thing EVERY Year

Yup, Valentine’s Day (or Christmas, or his birthday). Y’all have been together for a while (at least two years, doesn’t have to be decades ::cough-cough::) And you just don’t know what to GET him. He buys whatever he wants and he sure didn’t look too enthused with with those last couple of T-shirts you got him. Besides, who gets their lovah a friggin T-shirt?

I’ve got your solution right here and it’s as simple as pie (for those of you who bake, lol). Have your photos taken.


REALLY have your photos taken.

Give him an album of your photos taken in a way he hasn’t seen you in a while. Remind him of how things were before little Beauford and Celine came along. Before the ar payments. Before the house. Before you started spending weekends apart with your friends. If you think his head won’t pop off you’re out of your mind.

Do you think he doesn’t WANT to see you dressed (or undressed, as the case may be) again – you crazy, baby. Do you REALLY think he’d rather look at a flat magazine of photo of a woman he doesn’t know than look at photos of the warm body he sleeps next to every night, the body he knows from top to bottom, the body he’s memorized with his fintertips? Think again. Even men who’ve sworn the didn’t want their woman to take “those kind” of photos fell in love with their album or gift box. I know of one album that’s actually gone dog-eared because he takes it out when she’s gone on the road.

Everybody all together … awwwwwwww.

Don’t give me grief about not being able to afford something to wear, blah, blah, blah … first of all you don’t even have to BUY anything. Grab his favorite work shirt, his favorite team jersey, your favorite sweater and a pair of high heels. Tada! Wardrobe.

You wanna buy something new?

Lotsa local cheap-o stores sell some pretty hot stuff: Torrid has this awesome mesh and lace corset for under $60!

And you can wear it next summer as a summer top!!!!


This little number is $16.00 at Charlotte Russe!

And this beauty is at KOHL’S –  KOHL’S, ladies, for only $69.00


Not to mention the shoes and nighties and stoles and sweaters and jerseys that *I* have on hand.

sbg_sporty SassyBee Glamour Photography sbg_partial_011

A lot of your friends are doing this and wondering why they haven’t done it before. Some of your MOMS have done it … and LOVED it.

You don’t have to be naked. You don’t even have to wear sassy underwear … you can do this in jeans and a top if you feel good in them!

Check out my Pinterest board – note the diverse age, size and weight of these ladies and they are ALL smokin hot.
Email me and set up your appointment BEFORE January 28 so you have that Little Black Book or that gift wrapped box in hand on V-day.