Dream Photography Session – What Is It?

What is a Dream Photography Session? What is you favorite fairy tale? Your favorite book? Who did you want to be when you grew up? Do you LOVE the 70’s?

A Dream Session is based on YOUR dreams and fantasies. You can be photographed as a 50’s carhop. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! You can be a beautiful woods nymph with evergreens and flowers in your hair.

Dream Photography Session

Dream Photography Sessions

The best thing about a dream photography session is that you can be whoever you want for the day. We’ll spend a week or two before the session, gathering clothes and props and picking where you want to shoot. Your session can take place entirely in my studio or we can visit some of the local parks (Fonfarek, Hayman Falls, etc.) and do your session.

The sky really IS the limit.

Glamour Photographer – Who Am I?

Who am I? I am a glamour photographer. What I do isn’t for everybody, but it is for YOU.

It’s for the woman who has NEVER liked a photo of herself. It’s for the daughter(s) who want a forever memory of their mom.

I do it for you, who think you have to use lose ten pounds (you don’t). I do it for you, who doesn’t feel comfortable on front of the camera (oh what fun we’ll have and the photos that come out of it will be spectacular!)

I am a glamour photographer for the every day woman. Your last beautiful photos don’t have to be from your graduation or wedding day.

After Prom Blues

Sigh. The “After Prom” blues. The first big glam even of your life is over. The dress was searched out and finally chosen. Your hair was done, your make-up was gorgeous.The night was a blast with your boyfriend, your besties and the DJ.

Now what? What to do with that gorgeous dress?

Let’s make it REALLY all about you! Let’s do a session that is all about you and that dress. I’d bet that every picture you have in that dress (except at the store you bought it at), were with friends, your date or your parents.

An After Prom Photo Session is all about you. Wear your hair in braids and your favorite, most comfortable shoes. Or your cowboy boots. Or go barefoot. Add a tiara, a top-hat.

Shoot in the rain. Shoot in the river. Shoot in the woods. Shoot on the street. Book your session for Fair Time and wander the midway, eating cotton candy and winning stuffed animals. Whatever/wherever you can think of in an hour, we’ll make it happen. Make memories with that dress like no one else has.

Let’s do your own private modeling session in that dress.

Modern Glamour Photography in Green Bay, Appleton, Seymour, Shawano, Wisconsin

Big Changes on the Horizon

From the very first minute I knew in the back of my head what y goal in photography would be. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and who I wanted to do it for.

Over the past three year I’ve been all over the map, trying to make everybody but myself happy … those days will come to end before the end of summer.

You can find the next part of this blog on my SBG website, but it still echoes in my head and it’s STILL my aim. This is my year to brig this dream to the forefront. I hope you’ll be with me.

I see the walls women – tall, shirt, thin, curvy – put up between themselves and the rest of the world in regards to their looks. When I raise my camera their heads go down, their hands go up and … something inside me hurts a little because I know exactly how they feel and I want to do anything to make that feeling go AWAY.

I know that everything they hate about themselves is rolling around in their head and they’re trying desperately to figure out a way to hide all the things they hate about their body. They’re remember every insult, real or remembered from childhood, they’re remembering every well-intentioned piece of advice they’ve heard from mothers, grandmothers, friends about how to minimize the width of their waist or their double chin or how they should turn to make their nose less prominent.

[ … ]

I am not the best photographer in the world, but I work EVERY DAY to perfect my skills so that I can make the your photo experience one of joy and happiness. It is my JOB to give you photographs that you can look at in the future and SEE what your loved ones see, see the beauty that you bury beneath all those terrible lies you’ve been told by yourselves and by others. It’s my job to give you MEMORIES, wonderful memories, not only for yourselves but for your loved ones.

Here’s to 2016 – let’s let it be OUR best year yet.


Portrait PhotographyThe sun is shining today and there are visions of lilacs and robins dancing in my head … yeah, I know, but I am nothing if not optimistic.

2014 has gotten off to a great start for MadBee Photo; the last time I was this excited and satisfied with my work was when I opened my nail salon 20 years ago … my God, has it been THAT long? :: sigh :: Yes, it HAS. The years have flown – FLOWN, I tell you!

I have great things in mind for the rest of 2014. In between sessions and editing I am brainstorming: studio possibilities, themed sessions (which are something I plan on doing a LOT of this year, but more about that later) and marathon sessions. I’ve already got one really GREAT venue lined up for several of my marathon sessions, the first of which will be in April of this year, just in time for Mother’s day (can you say “Red Hot Mama”?), but I’m making note of other local areas that will fit my bill. And I say “making note” in all seriousness, this stuff is all whirly-gigging around in my head and if I don’t write it down, I’m gonna lose it.

Back to the subject of themed shoots, last summer I did an “Alice in Wonderland” session with my niece and while it was cute I’ve learned so much more since then and am raring to go. My most coveted idea for a themed shoot is a Steampunk session. Leather bustiers and ruffled skirts and parasols and all manner of junk-out vehicles and striped, thigh-high stockings and bustles and bloomers and tophats… oh MY!!!!

I’ve started collecting costumes and props and can’t wait til I have the whole thing mapped out!

In the meantime, I’m running a model search. I’m looking for two models, one for classy boudoir and one for glamour and these sessions will be used for advertising purposes.

Those ladies interested must be 21+ years old, no exception.

Modeling experience is NOT necessary. You don’t have to be “young” and you don’t need a perfect size 2 body. In fact, I’ll be looking closely at those of you in your thirties with a not so perfect body.

I’ll choose one model for a boudoir photo session and the other for a glamour-themed session. You MUST be willing to have your images used in my advertising – Facebook, print and website.

Your session will take place on March 13th at a local venue. For modeling you will receive a complimentary (free) photo shoot, professionally styled hair and make-up and an 8 x 10 professional print.

If you’re interested please don’t forget to “LIKE” MadBee Photography (just click the little blue “like” button down there) and leave a comment below.

THEN email me at spotted@madbeephoto.com, attach a photo of yourself and tell me WHY you want to model.

P.S. If you know of anybody that might be interested, pass this post along or SHARE it on their page.

I can’t wait to hear from YOU!

New Year, New MBP

ashley_06In 2014, MadBee Photography will be transitioning away from full service photography to creating “women only sessions” This means that I will no longer be focusing on family or child photography (there are many, many other photographers in the area who excel in those areas).

I had a project this fall/winter that made me realize that my love is photographing women … making them look beautiful and feel good about themselves gave me such satisfaction. After all, isn’t that what we, as women want, to feel beautiful?

I will continue to shoot engagement and maternity sessions where my subjects partners are involved, but the majority of my work will be photographing women, in all their glory. Brides-to-be, mothers-to-be, mothers and daughters, sisters, best friends, the occasional themed shoot (think Cinderella, Trash-the-Dress, retro pin-up sessions, etc) and, of course, boudoir.

I’ll be posting casting calls over the next few months to round out my portfolio, so keep an eye peeled here, girlies. I’d prefer to start building my portfolio with ladies I’ve already had sessions with.

Of course, any gift certificates or previously paid sessions will still be valid.

Bring on the New Year!