Birthday Party for Grown-Up Girls

Birthdays, once you get to a certain age, are ALL milestone birthdays and if we’re smart, we find some way to celebrate ourselves. MsS was all for a funny Big Girl Birthday Session and she brought her A game. She is the master of hilarious facial expression and Prudence and I actually rolled around watching her.

She also managed to look incredibly gorgeous and I know she’ll be reminded of this birthday “party” for years to come.

Not everybody wants to “unleash” their inner sexy for our birthday or any other special occasion. That’s okay, we can document ourselves, our birthdays, our lives any way we want to, but …

Grown Up Birthday Photos Are the Best!

Document your birthday with photos to remind you just how incredible you are. That body gave birth to humans and it is SPECTACULAR.

Let’s be real, if we wait until we feel we look good enough to have our photos taken, they’ll never get done. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got all I can do to get all of my mail opened on the regular. If you’re thinking of having your photos taken, just DO it. You can wear as much (or as little as) you want and you’ll appreciate those photos on every birthday from now on.

Birthday Boudoir sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Photo Rep Search for JLReis Photography

JLReis Boudoir Glamour Photo Rep

Now that the studio is pretty much finished (but there’s always something new going on), I’m looking for a photo rep. A few someones to represent JLReis Photography; a muse and model for portrait, glamour and boudoir sessions. My clients over the past four years (yes, it’s been that long!) have been wonderful, but the majority of them don’t want to share their photos publicly. Of course, I respect that choice 100%, but sadly this leaves me unable to share some of my favorite images and to show my work to women everywhere in Northeast Wisconsin!

I’m looking photo reps, women whose images I can share on my website, and social media and who will share their photos with their friends on social media! While it is really helpful to have someone spread the word about me, a photo rep will give me the opportunity to style creative shoots. Some of my favorite sessions have been on-location: at the Fair, at local waterfalls and hidden riverbeds and those with my clients wearing retro/vintage costumes (or not ;-))

My regular clients will ALWAYS have the option to keep their photos private, so working with a boudoir rep gives me photos for use in advertisements, additions to my portfolio, and fun stuff to share on Facebook. I need women who know and believe how important it is for women to embrace their sensuality and feel more comfortable in their own skin. I want to work with someone who loves what I do, and understands why I do it.

2017’s Photo Rep will receive at least three (3) FREE shoots from July 1st until December 31st. Every session will include hair and make-up, referral points toward photography sessions and print products for every client that books from your referral and a gorgeous leather bound photo box with 15 of your favorite images from the year.

Leather Bound Photo Box - Photo Rep


  • Must be over 21 years old
  • Must be willing to sign a full model release for photos to be used online, in print, and in ads
  • Must be comfortable sharing your experience and photos with friends
  • Must live within a 50 mile radius of JLReis Photography
  • Must be comfortable in lingerie

You will also get your referral cards to give to friends and acquaintances. For every booked referral you will receive a credit of $100 (or $50 cash) to put towards any photo product or sessionand the women you refer will also receive $100 off their product order.

I’ll be working the month of June the choose my reps, I know you’re out there!

Keep your eyes open in the next weeks for more information on my search and how to qualify to be my studio rep.

Dream Photography Session – What Is It?

What is a Dream Photography Session? What is you favorite fairy tale? Your favorite book? Who did you want to be when you grew up? Do you LOVE the 70’s?

A Dream Session is based on YOUR dreams and fantasies. You can be photographed as a 50’s carhop. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! You can be a beautiful woods nymph with evergreens and flowers in your hair.

Dream Photography Session

Dream Photography Sessions

The best thing about a dream photography session is that you can be whoever you want for the day. We’ll spend a week or two before the session, gathering clothes and props and picking where you want to shoot. Your session can take place entirely in my studio or we can visit some of the local parks (Fonfarek, Hayman Falls, etc.) and do your session.

The sky really IS the limit.

Model Call

Mother Nature is cruel sometimes. We get torrents of rain and the yard fills up. Then we get a nice windy day which starts to dry things up, but not enough. Then it rains – AGAIN.

I am frustrated beyond belief!

In the meantime, while I’d rather NOT shoot in the house, I have been in order to accommodate my lovely clients. My sessions are turning out wonderful and my clients are nothing more than super-understanding, and I appreciate that so much.

When the studio is finished, I have so many GREAT THINGS planned: An Evening With My Favorite Boudie Model – you’ll be invited to watch as I go step by step through what goes on in a REAL boudoir/glamour session, from how we choose your outfits to how I pose you and beyond. Refreshments and discounted services will be offered.

Because the studio will be a bit bigger than the main street address, with the addition of a patio, I am planning a couple of exercise classes: pole dancing and stripping! I think that would be a blast! I might even add a belly dancing class, since I’ve taken one in the past and enjoyed it so much. Belly dance is such a graceful art and you look good doing it no matter your size; in fact, it’s said that a little bit of tummy is actually preferred!

In the meantime, I am practicing like crazy between sessions, but in an effort to build my portfolio, I am offering two highly discounted sessions.

On May 9-10, I am offering two days of sample sessions! These are thirty minute sessions, with a specific theme. The themes of these sessions will be “Just a Sweater” on Monday and “In the Sheets” on Tuesday. Pick the time that’s better for YOU, morning, afternoon or evening. Nudity is NOT required; you must provide your own panties, the prettier the better. There are only four spots open, so it’s first come first serve!

These sessions will be shot ANONYMOUSLY (no faces or identifying marks) for advertising, so unless you don’t care if your face is showing, fix your hair and make-up as you would for a regular day.

Details – Two options, but all sessions are 30 minute sessions:

1. “Just a Sweater”: $50 (due at booking), three 4×6 prints ($18 value), delivered in a pretty package for give giving. Bring your own sweater, jersey, t-shirt, man’s shirt, etc. Take a look at my Pinterest board for some ideas –

2. “In the Sheets”: $50 (due at booking), 30 min. session, three 4×6 prints ($18 value), delivered in a pretty package for give giving. I’ve got the sheets and some pretty sassy jewelry –

Advertsing images will have all identifying marks, moles, tattoos, hair color, etc, removed, but YOUR photos, will of course, include your face, and will be ready for you to choose your three in 48 hours and you’ll receive your prints in ten days.

This is a great opportunity for all you pretties who are sitting on the fence and I am looking for all shapes and sizes

Email to

The “Alligator” Lady

The second I saw MissD’s photo, I knew I wanted to work with her. I could tell she knew how to play to the camera, without making seem like she was “playing” to the camera – it’s hard to explain, lol.

After a few emails back and forth we got a session set up and off I went. It just so happens that MissD is a very close friend to Doc of Doc’s Harley Davidson, so imagine just how tickled I was to know I’d be shooting around the grounds? Have you ever been there? It’s spectacularly cool, even without a camera.

It took us a bit to get set up and going and we started to lose light, but I thought screw it, I’m gonna soldier on – what if I never get another chance?

Our first scene was with the gator … and we were off!

I hope I get a chance to work with MssD again.  I see a Winter Wonderland in our future, perhaps.

The Miracle of Life

Someday that baby you’re carrying beneath your heart will grow up and want to know where they came from. Maternity photos are a lasting memory of your pregnancy and show how beautiful you really were when you thought your were huge and fat.

I don’t usually post very photo from a session for a number of reasons: people get sick of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. It takes up too much room … there are so many reasons why I only post the highlights from a session.

I am posting every shot from this session for several reasons. Not one of this young woman’s children will ever doubt that she felt beautiful when these photos were taken – look at her, she is stunning beyond belief and the love she feels for the child she carries is evident in every photo.

This set of photos will be future evidence that this mama loved that baby before it was born. They will be be proof that she was so gorgeous it burnt the eyes.

I hope she finds them as breathtakingly beautiful as I do.