Marathon Questions & Answers

Marathon Sessions

It’s been a minute since I’ve run a marathon, so here’s all the information! Because I’ve had to cut my hours I’ve been booking on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I know it can be difficult to get away for 3-5 hours on a weekday. These marathon sessions give you the opportunity to experience the fun and get some great photos in a shorter amount of time! You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with a marathon!

Everything You Need To Know About The Boudoir Marathon

  • Sessions take place at the JLReis Studio in Seymour, WI, in studio or on the patio depending on the weather
  • The offer is ONLY for VIP group members and those on the mailing list
  • I am accepting 3 slots per day
  • Prudence Walker of Rustic Cuts & Co will be providing hair and makeup touch-ups on the day of your session. Touch ups include a hair fluff and emphasizing your eyes and lips
  • Currently sessions start at 11am and will be booked approximately three hours apart.

What’s the Price & What do I get?

For $350 you will receive:

  • 45 minute boudoir session
  • Up to 3 outfits (depending how fast we are)
  • Access to the Studio Closet
  • Hair & makeup touch up by the talented and beautiful Prudence Walker
  • 12 exquisitely edited 4×6 prints in a pretty little gift box
  • Your chosen images in digital form w/a print release
  • $50 credit toward additional prints, albums and even our popular mobile app

Why Should You Do A Session?

I’ve heard over and over that the main reason most of you have never have booked is the issue of confidence. I hear you. Trust me, I know how it is to feel like I’m not worthy of taking the time and spending the money to do something for myself. I do this so you can see that you ARE worth it and having these photos will go a long way towards reminding you what you can look like and how you can feel if you give yourself permission.

How to Book :

  • Email me to secure a slot
  • Pay your invoice to to secure your spot
  • Boom, done! Once payment is made you’ll receive emails on more specific details and other info to help prepare

IF you don’t get a slot for this boudoir marathon, I may be hosting Halloween sessions in October!

OR you can always book a normal boudoir session (either at your home or the studio).

I Don’t Take “Good” Photos

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” ~ Amy Bloom

So many women have a terrible relationship with their own bodies and I mean to put a stop to that. Boudoir photography (or intimate photography or glamour photography – it’s all the same) is the perfect way for me to do it. Every client I’ve worked with over the past seven years has been beautiful just the way they were and they’ve all loved the experience and how they looked in their photos.

There are more reasons to have your photos done than there are NOT to. My first back to work client had her photos done to surprise her husband on their wedding day. I’ve done sessions for anniversary gifts, birthday celebrations or milestone dates. My favorite sessions have been the ones where the client does it for themselves, those are the ones that make my heart sing.

“Acceptance” and “self-love” and “body positivity” are huge buzzwords/phrases in social media but nothing has changed in my opinion. The Kardashian/Jenner clan are still Photoshopping their photos to the point their own kids wouldn’t recognize them, but they aren’t the only ones. SM “influencers” are getting their lips and their boobs and their asses filled at an alarming rate – it’s to the point that everyone looks the same: poofy lips, permanently alarmed eyebrows, fake high cheekbones, huge badonkadonks on tiny bodies … there is no individuality on the Internet and that is SAD.

Boudoir photography isn’t about being a size three (no one is a size three and you can’t convince me otherwise, lol). You don’t have to be 23 or weigh 105 lbs … EVERY BODY IS A BOUDOIR BODY and we’ll prove it to you!

Photography isn’t about changing your looks. Photography is about having a memory you can hold in your hand that makes you remember how you felt that day. I edit your photos, but you will never look as though you weigh 30 lbs less or wear three sizes smaller. If you ask for that kind of editing, we’re gonna have a long talk, doll. I may not be the photographer for you.

Speaking of photographers, you should hire a photographer that you feel comfortable with. Don’t hire someone because of their pricing (high prices don’t necessarily mean good service and low prices don’t have to mean crap work). That’s why I like to meet with you BEFORE you book a session. It’s only fair that you get to see what a goofball I am, as well as see just how important it is for me to give you the type of session that will bring out the best in you.

I’ll answer all of your questions, including the ones you may not even know you have. I want you to feel comfortable with me because being in front of a camera, dressed in the tiniest of outfits will make you feel vulnerable and that’s SCARY! But Ipromise, by the time we’re done you’ll have had the best time of your life!

The Sound of Sunshine

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

Most – if not all – of our clients feel nervous when they book with us. After all, most women have never taken off their clothes on front of a camera, so of course they feel unprepared, scared or just plain not ready.

But it turns out that ALL of our clients are GLAD they went through with a session. It may have started out as a joke, or they were doing it for someone else, but in the end, having these photos turned out to be one of the biggest esteem boosters of their lives.

MsJ came to us to help her create some steaming images that featured her gorgeous self! We were so glad that she did, her photos are amazing!!

We asked her a few after-session questions, take a look at her answers:

What was your biggest fear before hiring me? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?
My biggest fear was that I would see the photos and be even more self conscious about myself than ever. The exact opposite is what happened. When I look at the photos it gives me the self confidence that I normally do not have.

Were you nervous about your shoot? How did Jackee help?
I was not as nervous going into the shoot as I thought I would be. I started relaxing when Pru did my hair and makeup. When I got to Jackee I was already feeling good about myself. We went into the studio and started to talk. It only got better from there. She is definitely down to earth and a person who relates well to others. She helped me choose my outfits and accessories. Once she began shooting I just let loose and let her take over. I had confidence that she was the pro and knew exactly what needed to be done. The final shots are proof of that!

How did you feel after you saw your photos for the first time?
OMG that’s me??? That basically sums up how I felt the first time I looked at the photos and every time I still do. She doesn’t try to make you look like someone else, she just brings out the best in you.

What, specifically, was your favorite part of your boudoir experience and why?
The actual photography session was my favorite. The time flew by so quickly, but I did not want this time to end. In my younger years I did a small amount of modeling. I can’t even say it brought me back to the good ole days because this was sooooo much better. We joked and laughed and had a great time. I felt like I had known Jackee my entire life. It was like having a girls day out, but she was working her magic the entire time and I was having the most amazing time.

Did you enjoy working with Jackee and Pru?
What great women!! They are not only professional, but very down to earth. They both excel in their profession and it shows. I can’t imagine doing this type of photography shoot with anyone else.

What advice would you give to other women thinking about having a boudoir session?
Just go for it!! Your inner beauty and your outer beauty will shine through. It doesn’t matter if these photos will be for you or for someone special in your life. This is something you deserve. Don’t put it off…you won’t regret it!

If you were to recommend me to your best friend, what would you say?
As your true friend, I would have to encourage (or should I say insist) that you jump at the opportunity to do this. If I can do this, so can you.

Oh, MsJ I had such a great time that day! Thank you!

Hot Mama: Every Mom Deserves a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

Couldn’t find anything special enough for your mom (or wife) this year? Still ooking for something different than flowers and a card? Give her something she’ll cherish and be able to look at for the rest of her life.

Every mom should get in front of the camera once in a while. JLReis Photography will guide her, pose her, even pick her wardrobe and fix her hair and makeup for an incredible life-changing experience.

Surprise that special mom in your life with a fun and exciting day just for her!

This promotional pricing is valid until May 28th, 2021.

Empowerment – You Ain’t the Boss of Me

Empowerment. You know what empowers me, Jessica? Thinking for myself and not letting others tell me what should or shouldn’t make me feel like I’m in control of my life.

I read a blog post today from a woman who broke nearly every rule of the idea of “empowerment”. She told women that they are aren’t empowered by choosing to purchase pink tool-sets; it doesn’t boost our confidence to learn how to apply makeup. Self defense classes are useless because they don’t STOP men from attacking women. WTF?

This woman is a psychologist who works with sexual assault victims! What kind of message is she giving these women? They’ve been assaulted by a man and now a WOMAN is shaming them for buying and doing things that make them feel good. Just because you have the same equipment as me doesn’t mean you GET me.

Being empowered means choosing to do what YOU want to do, whether it’s taking a pole dancing class for fitness or NOT wearing makeup. I am OVER other women telling me what I should do. I am over other women feeling uncomfortable with something then trying to make other women feel the same.


Women are not ignorant for wanting pretty things. Women are not being oppressed because they enjoy wearing make-up or learning a sexy dance move. The difference between being objectified and feeling in charge of your own life: one is forced on you and one is a choice. Learn the difference, Jessica.

Photo sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own empowering session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Outdoor-Glamour Photography

Outdoor-Glamour Photoshoot

Outdoor-Glamour Photography is something I’ve been working on for a while, and I finally got a chance to do complete session with the lovely Lauren of Bfresh Barbershop a couple of weeks ago. I love the Green Bay Farmer’s Market on Broadway and I’ve wanted to do a session there for a long time.

Indoor boudoir and glamour is a blast and I always have a great time with my clients, but it’s fun to shake it up once in a while, right? We have our photos taken every year from the time we’re born, until we graduate, with our senior photos being the last great photos we have until our wedding day. Why is that? Why don’t we think enough of ourselves to take time to document a great year or a great day or a new outfit that makes us feel GORGEOUS?

Time passes so quickly; we change so much from year to year, sometimes with only blurry cellphone photos to document those moments.

Thank you to the ever wonderful Pru Walker from Rustic Cut’s and Co for introducing me to Lauren!

Outdoor-Glamour sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Outdoor Boudoir

Outdoor boudoir – is there anything more beautiful? Although Ms S looked comfortable, she is mama to four gorgeous kids and this was her first time in front of a camera. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Thank you, Ms S for trusting me and letting yourself to be vulnerable out there in the great wide open

Now that Mother Nature is back on her meds, I’m hoping to get some more outdoor boudoir sessions in this summer. It’s the perfect time of year. I have the perfect spots and every piece of wardrobe and shoes we’ll need. No nakey, all sexy and just for YOU.

$150 ($50 extra for hair), 15 4×6 prints, custom DVD with all chosen images and a print release. And lunch!

Wisconsin Outdoor Boudoir

Wisconsin Outdoor Boudoir

Wisconsin Outdoor Boudoir

Boudoir/Glamour sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

Simply Boudoir

Boudoir in Wisconsin …

My boyfriend had to do a double take, he thought it was someone else at first. 😊 you are amazing.

I love this session with the beautiful Miss A. She has amazing lashes, old school curves and my God, those LIPS.

Hair by Prudence at Rustic Cuts and Co

Boudoir/Glamour sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

SuperHero Boudoir

MissJ is my little superhero. She did this session as a gift to herself and she deserved it,

A big thank you to her for allowing me to share these shots from her studio session. Not only did she rock her session, but she inspired me to finish the wings I’d been putting off for about a year!

Permission has been granted by the client to post these images.

Boudoir/Glamour sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling