Dream Photography Session – What Is It?

What is a Dream Photography Session? What is you favorite fairy tale? Your favorite book? Who did you want to be when you grew up? Do you LOVE the 70’s?

A Dream Session is based on YOUR dreams and fantasies. You can be photographed as a 50’s carhop. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! You can be a beautiful woods nymph with evergreens and flowers in your hair.

Dream Photography Session

Dream Photography Sessions

The best thing about a dream photography session is that you can be whoever you want for the day. We’ll spend a week or two before the session, gathering clothes and props and picking where you want to shoot. Your session can take place entirely in my studio or we can visit some of the local parks (Fonfarek, Hayman Falls, etc.) and do your session.

The sky really IS the limit.

Things I Love

One of the things I love to do (when I have the time) is photo manipulations – I was doing this LONG before I started taking photos professionally.

Just like the other things I do for relaxation – or used to do – (raw HTML coding, little tiny cross-stitch and filet crochet), it is time consuming and tedious, but my front brain shuts off and whatever is bothering me gets rolled around in my back-brain and I manage to come up with a solution.

The bike photo was created using two photos from DeviantArt, the bike photo and the background and was inspired by an image I saw while cruising Tumblr – can’t remember whose image it was, but it stuck in my head. I didn’t have anything of my own to use, so I went to DA.

The Little Red image was taken of my friend’s daughter in their back yard and merged with two images again, from DeviantArt. I can’t find the originals

Moonlight was taken two years ago in a local cemetery and manipulated using images from – again – DeviantArt.  I REALLY have no idea who took the DA images.