Glamour Photographer – Who Am I?

Who am I? I am a glamour photographer. What I do isn’t for everybody, but it is for YOU.

It’s for the woman who has NEVER liked a photo of herself. It’s for the daughter(s) who want a forever memory of their mom.

I do it for you, who think you have to use lose ten pounds (you don’t). I do it for you, who doesn’t feel comfortable on front of the camera (oh what fun we’ll have and the photos that come out of it will be spectacular!)

I am a glamour photographer for the every day woman. Your last beautiful photos don’t have to be from your graduation or wedding day.

Differences Between Glamour/Beauty Photography & Other Kinds

JLReis Famly PhotographyAside from wardrobe, of course, there are large differences in the type of mindset you have to go into when you’re shooting a beauty/glamour session. When a photographer is setting up for a family, engagement or senior session, she/he wants to go in with a happy, “say cheese” (so to speak), upbeat attitude.

sept_43Wisconsin Senior PhotographyI love for my clients to come in excited for their session and sometimes that excitement carries over into the session itself. With family photos, head-shots, sister, mother and daughter sessions, a happy go lucky attitude is wonderful. I love to see a sunny smile on the face of a senior – tho thought of their whole lives ahead of them should make them glow with joy!

Wisconsin Beauty Glamour PhotographyFor beauty and glamour photography I want to see a little mystique. That’s a really nice word for what I call it in real like, lol. I want your man, the person you’re giving these photos to to look at them and be amazed!! I do my best to get that out of my clients.Wisconsin Beauty Glamour Photography

Bump to Baby Sessions

Becoming a mother for the first time – or the third time – is a life changing experience. In a matter of months, you’ll bring a new little person into the world. I document your experience, starting in your sixth month of pregnancy and ending with a three week session including your little bundle.

Your five personalized sessions include five high resolution digital images (a total of 25 images) on a custom DVD with print release and one 11×14 collage print of your four favorite images after your little makes his or her entrance.


  • Six months
  • Seven months
  • Eight months
  • Nine months
  • Three to four weeks after baby’s birth


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Maternity/Pregnancy Photography in Green Bay and the Fox Valley, Wisconsin
Maternity/Pregnancy Photography in Green Bay and the Fox Valley, Wisconsin

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Contact MadBee to Get Started!

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Happy Two Days After Christmas

Merry Christmas from me and BigD!
Merry Christmas from me and BigD!

Y’know, there are two things that are never the same without kids: one is the County Fair and the other is Christmas. I got to spend time with family and the gifts were lovely … but without little kidlets, the joy just isn’t there. I’m not being Scrooge-y, just stating one of my facts.

Maybe it’s because I have so much laughter and good times with my friends and family, that I expect the holidays to be so much more … MORE.

Greedy, ain’t I?

I HAVE been thinking about what 2015 means to me in the way of my business. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve split things a bit. I started out wanting to be the local – BETTER – version of Glamour Shots, but got waylaid by taking some pretty spectacular pictures of some gorgeous seniors, a couple of small venue weddings and more families that I would have expected.

And I found myself enjoying it much more than I would have suspected.

The thing is, except for a couple of regular all-female sessions that I do, I did very few glamour sessions. And those are the sessions I know I do BEST. When I get rockin with my ladies, we roll out some pretty sweet photos.

I think because I’ve had everything all lumped together, it confused people. Women looking for more intimate photography saw families and assumed I wasn’t doing the glamour sessions. Families and parents of seniors might have been put off by seeing a suggestive photo (NOT naked, as we all know you don’t have to be naked to be sexy), so I don’t share them on my Facebook page.

Sweater Session
Sweater Session

Come the first of January, SassyBee Photography will be opening it’s doors (figuratively, people, it’ll be the same red door on Main St ;)) with a vengeance. I’m grabbing 2015 right by the short hairs and hanging on with all my might.

I intend to create more fulfilling photo sessions, both for myself and with women who have overcome obstacles in their lives but finally are happy and in love with themselves. I will be aggressively looking for those women … and if you feel as though YOU fit that bill, you just drop me an email. I’ll make you a memory that’ll last your lifetime.

My Little Red
My Little Red

I want to create more art. For myself of course, but also for my clients. I’ve had this session in my head for years and finally the stars aligned. The photo turned out just as gorgeous as I’d pictured it in my head (you’ll be able to see it in the window on Main St. later this week).

So, do you see yourself as a grown-up and sexy Disney princess or a fairytale heroine (I’ve got Rapunzel stuck in my head these days). Shoot me an email, we’ll get the wheels turning on your own personal “Once Upon a Time“.

I’m actively looking for a local Muse that will be able to drop everything when I get a session in mind and need someone to bring my photographic dream to life. Curvy is lovingly embraced, “mature” is even better (Wow, how about a hot-mama 50 year old Snow white? I see a short black leather skirt, hot yellow silk blouse and over the knee CFM boots.) The job won’t pay in dollar bills, but you’ll have a ton of gorgeous photos and to quote Billy the Kid: “I’ll make ya famous.” Seriously, I’m looking for a woman from 21 years old all the way up to 60 years old who’s up for some photographic shenanigans.

I’ve started a new board on Pinterest to give y’all an idea of what I’m aiming for here . I intend to be THE premier glamour photographer in the area – come along for the ride ladies. Let’s make some damn history!

Did You Miss the Holiday Mini Specials?

Did you miss the last two mini session specials? The holidays are fast approaching and there is no better gift to your loved ones than the gift of a memory.

The mini sessions are no longer available, but you still have time make an appointment to capture some memories for the future.

Your best choice to get your photos in time for the holidays is MBP’s Taste of Honey Collection

Taste of Honey Collection: $225

  • Up to 45 minutes of shooting in my studio/local venue
  • Online gallery of hand-chosen images for viewing and ordering (up to twenty of the BEST of your shoot)
  • A CD with ten digital images with print release *

Email MadBee Photo and make your appointment NOW for delivery of your photos in time for Christmas.

A 50% reservation fee ($125) is due at the time of booking in order to confirm and hold your appointment, with the balance due on the day of your session. MBP will be accepting holiday appointments until Sunday November 30, 2014.

As an added bonus, if you book a session for November, your name will be added to a drawing to receive a free session (Taste of Honey Collection Only) in the future!

Last Mini Sessions for 2014

Last Minis til Valentine’s season, folks.

Autumn/Holiday Photo Sessions in October and November

Outdoor Fall Mini Sessions are perfect for families with older children, expectant mothers and couples! I will be holding sessions at Lake Park and along the Walking Trail on Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th, starting at 9am and taking the last appointment at 3pm, on the hour. Appointments are 30 minutes each, first come, first serve.

In Studio Holiday Mini Sessions are being held at the studio, where I have two different holiday sets set up. Perfect for families with older children, expectant mothers and couples! Sessions are on Saturday November 8th and Sunday November 9th, starting at 9am and taking the last appointment at 4pm, on the hour. Appointments are 30 minutes each, first come, first serve.

Included in all sessions:

30 minute session * 10 digital images * Photo print release
Online photo gallery * Plus free Facebook timeline cover
* 10 Christmas card prints *

All for only $125

For further details and to reserve your spot, please fill out the form below; please feel free to include and questions or concerns you might have

MadBee Photo chooses not to photograph families with children under the age of ten years old; there are many other photographers who are better at working with children and for me to charge for something I’m not good at would be unfair to my clients.

[contact email=”” subject=”Interested in the Mini Session” message=”Thank you for your interest. I’ll be back to you soon.”]

Beautiful Autumn Days!

"Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget, you can never retell." ~ Louisa May Alcott
“Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget, you can never retell.” ~ Louisa May Alcott

Good afternoon, my beauties.  We have been blessed with some pretty nice days here lately, but I fear they won’t be lasting long.  If you’re thinking of getting your portraits done outside as a Christmas gift, now’s the time to make that senior, family or couples appointment.

[col1]Wisconsin Best Friends Photography[/col1][col2]Wisconsin Couples Photography[/col2][col3]Wisconsin Family Photograpy[/col3]

Wisconsin Senior Photography

If you’re thinking of giving the gift of a glamour/beauty portrait for Christmas, you’ve got a bit more time. My dates are filling up, but since we do those at the studio, time and lighting and temperature are pretty much non-issues.

Don’t wait til the last minute! I know Seymour High School needs their senior headshots in by November first and Christmas is creeping right up FAST!

Wisconsin Mother Daughter Photography

I Want to Take Your Photo

There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding as to the type of photography that I do. I SPECIALIZE in taking women’s photos. There is nothing that makes my heart sing more than when a woman looks at her photos and actually sees the beauty that has always been in her, but that she just couldn’t see. As a woman myself, with all insecurities that all women have, I KNOW the struggles other women face about their looks on a daily basis. I know how hard it is to see our own beauty when Photoshopped magazine and catalogs are picked up from our mailboxes every day.

I understand being self-conscious in front of the camera. I think that EVERYONE must be staring at that zit, mole, wrinkle, that in reality only *I* see because I see it EVERY DAY.

I know what it is to tell myself that I need to lose weight, I don’t have the time, I look so tired. I CAN’T have my photo taken.

We, as women are our own worst enemies and not only are we depriving ourselves, but we’re depriving our loved ones of memories of ourselves in the future. I know I’ve said it before, but I ave only one photo of my mother (taken by the well-known CountrySide Studios) and one of myself and my mother taken on my wedding day 28 years ago. Why? Because she’d literally RUN from a camera. She’d flap her hands up in front of her face and actually get angry if someone tried to take her photo.

Now all I have to remember her beauty (and she WAS a true beauty, though she didn’t see it) are two pictures and the dwindling number of people who knew her. I can’t begin to tell you what I’d give for a proper photo of my mother and myself.

So … those are the reasons I SPECIALIZE in women’s photography.

I love to shoot mamas & daughters, sisters, best friends and women by themselves.

But I also do and LOVE other sorts of photography. I have a ball shooting with seniors and getting that one perfect shot makes me do a little dance every time. Maternity sessions make me weepy … I wish we’d thought to do that sort of thin when I was carrying my own two sweet babies. Family sessions are awesome … especially with older kids that have a great relationship with their parents.

I SPECIALIZE in photographing women, but I LOVE taking portraits of EVERYBODY – and their horse, lol.

Studio Open House

MadBee Photo & Web DesignJoin MadBee Photo & Web Design for my First Annual Open House on Friday, May 16, from 4pm to 8pm!

Check out my cozy new studio and see samples of my work, have your photo taken in the photo booth, win some amazing prizes and goodies, including a FREE session!

Find out what makes MadBee Photo different than other local photographers.

I hope to see old friends as well as new for this ladies only mini-event! Please RSVP by going to the EVENT on MadBee Photo’s FB Page or by contacting me directly via MBP’s contact form.

Not only will I be giving away one free session, I’ll also be offering special introductory pricing for the package of your choice (on this night only)!


Portrait PhotographyThe sun is shining today and there are visions of lilacs and robins dancing in my head … yeah, I know, but I am nothing if not optimistic.

2014 has gotten off to a great start for MadBee Photo; the last time I was this excited and satisfied with my work was when I opened my nail salon 20 years ago … my God, has it been THAT long? :: sigh :: Yes, it HAS. The years have flown – FLOWN, I tell you!

I have great things in mind for the rest of 2014. In between sessions and editing I am brainstorming: studio possibilities, themed sessions (which are something I plan on doing a LOT of this year, but more about that later) and marathon sessions. I’ve already got one really GREAT venue lined up for several of my marathon sessions, the first of which will be in April of this year, just in time for Mother’s day (can you say “Red Hot Mama”?), but I’m making note of other local areas that will fit my bill. And I say “making note” in all seriousness, this stuff is all whirly-gigging around in my head and if I don’t write it down, I’m gonna lose it.

Back to the subject of themed shoots, last summer I did an “Alice in Wonderland” session with my niece and while it was cute I’ve learned so much more since then and am raring to go. My most coveted idea for a themed shoot is a Steampunk session. Leather bustiers and ruffled skirts and parasols and all manner of junk-out vehicles and striped, thigh-high stockings and bustles and bloomers and tophats… oh MY!!!!

I’ve started collecting costumes and props and can’t wait til I have the whole thing mapped out!

In the meantime, I’m running a model search. I’m looking for two models, one for classy boudoir and one for glamour and these sessions will be used for advertising purposes.

Those ladies interested must be 21+ years old, no exception.

Modeling experience is NOT necessary. You don’t have to be “young” and you don’t need a perfect size 2 body. In fact, I’ll be looking closely at those of you in your thirties with a not so perfect body.

I’ll choose one model for a boudoir photo session and the other for a glamour-themed session. You MUST be willing to have your images used in my advertising – Facebook, print and website.

Your session will take place on March 13th at a local venue. For modeling you will receive a complimentary (free) photo shoot, professionally styled hair and make-up and an 8 x 10 professional print.

If you’re interested please don’t forget to “LIKE” MadBee Photography (just click the little blue “like” button down there) and leave a comment below.

THEN email me at, attach a photo of yourself and tell me WHY you want to model.

P.S. If you know of anybody that might be interested, pass this post along or SHARE it on their page.

I can’t wait to hear from YOU!