Let’s Go To The Beach

Wisconsin Water Boudoir_

When you hear the word “boudoir” you think lingerie and a bed behind closed doors. Nope! We LOVE to go to the beach on Lake Michigan. We go early in the morning while the sun comes up over the beach and before there are tons of people. We pick a quiet little dune and shoot til out hearts desire.

February Boudie Call

Booking for March!

Due to overwhelming interest in last month’s event, Pru & I are holding our second model call of 2019! We’re looking to shoot seven different themes in March, no experience required. We are on the hunt for REAL PEOPLE of any shape or size that are willing to sign a release and allow their photos to be used by us for advertising purposes (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.)

It’s hard take that first step and we have nothing but tons of love for our clients who’ve come in, thrown their clothes off and contorted themselves into some pretty painful positions. We are grateful for those women who allow us to share their photos in any capacity and we can’t wait to do it again and again. We also love those babes who prefer NOT to share their images with anyone and we NEVER post your images without your permission and a signed release.

Intimate photography isn’t just a simple makeup session and photo shoot. It’s not just something you do for someone else. Having these photos taken can be the biggest ego boost you ever have. When you come and hang out with us we make you laugh, we give you the gift of discovering yourself. We tease out your femininity. We give you the opportunity to experience that side of you that you’ve always wanted to.

Boudoir photography is a life changing experience and every woman should experience this side of them. Our boudie call babes help other women see that they can do this too!

FINE PRINT: The $125 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you don’t show, you don’t get your money back. ONE reschedule is allowed. Photos will be used for advertising purposes of any kind. You are not tagged by us, but you may tag yourself. Five images are included in the model call but additional images/products are available for purchase during your reveal with your product credit.

REFERRAL PERKS: Refer a friend who books a model call and you get $50 towards a FULL PRICED TEASE SESSION (hair/makeup not included). Referral credits don’t expire and are stackable. Your friend must mention your name at time of booking.

Wanna Jump Into It?

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Glamour Rep Search for JLReis Photography – Day Two

JLReis Photography Studio Glamour Rep

I’ve worked with so many lovely women since opening my doors, creating some of the most incredible images that I am so PROUD of. With every session I do, I feel more and more strongly that this is what I am meant to do for the rest of my life. Now I am looking for a glamour rep, a boudoir rep, a headshot rep and a dreamshoot rep. All reps can shoot any of the categories, but I will need at least ONE for each.

How I’ll be choosing will be a little different than I have in the past. Most of the women that I currently shoot have children, are over 35 years old, and have great life stories. I want women who will represent my regular client, someone who understands how important it is for women to be confident, brave and comfortable in their own skin. I’m not looking for experienced models, I’m looking for women like ME and YOU.

My reps will be expected to tell all their friends about their amazing experience with JLReis Photography and share their photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These women will be the face of my studio, from July 1st until December 31st. They will have at least three photo sessions with me throughout the year and will be my muses.

The women I choose will be expected to be comfortable enough with their body to pose in lingerie or simulated nudes (you will NEVER AT ANY TIME be expected to pose naked or have nude photos used in any of my advertising). While I will choose the type/theme of the sessions, I will shoot around YOUR schedule. You will be required to sign a model release, allowing me full use of your images on my blog, on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter, no restrictions (THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE). You will be expected to show off your images and talk about JLReis Photography on your own social media. This is kind of like a job and you will be paid with some of the most spectacular portraits you’ve ever had taken of yourself.

I’ll be working the month of June to choose my reps, I know you’re out there!

Keep your eyes open in the next week or so for more information on my search and how to qualify to be one of my studio representatives.

For now, email me at beautiful@jlreisphotography.com or PM on Facebook with YOUR email address, so that I can add you to my VIP Facebook group.

Dream Photography Session – What Is It?

What is a Dream Photography Session? What is you favorite fairy tale? Your favorite book? Who did you want to be when you grew up? Do you LOVE the 70’s?

A Dream Session is based on YOUR dreams and fantasies. You can be photographed as a 50’s carhop. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! You can be a beautiful woods nymph with evergreens and flowers in your hair.

Dream Photography Session

Dream Photography Sessions

The best thing about a dream photography session is that you can be whoever you want for the day. We’ll spend a week or two before the session, gathering clothes and props and picking where you want to shoot. Your session can take place entirely in my studio or we can visit some of the local parks (Fonfarek, Hayman Falls, etc.) and do your session.

The sky really IS the limit.

Glamour Photographer – Who Am I?

Who am I? I am a glamour photographer. What I do isn’t for everybody, but it is for YOU.

It’s for the woman who has NEVER liked a photo of herself. It’s for the daughter(s) who want a forever memory of their mom.

I do it for you, who think you have to use lose ten pounds (you don’t). I do it for you, who doesn’t feel comfortable on front of the camera (oh what fun we’ll have and the photos that come out of it will be spectacular!)

I am a glamour photographer for the every day woman. Your last beautiful photos don’t have to be from your graduation or wedding day.

After Prom Blues

Sigh. The “After Prom” blues. The first big glam even of your life is over. The dress was searched out and finally chosen. Your hair was done, your make-up was gorgeous.The night was a blast with your boyfriend, your besties and the DJ.

Now what? What to do with that gorgeous dress?

Let’s make it REALLY all about you! Let’s do a session that is all about you and that dress. I’d bet that every picture you have in that dress (except at the store you bought it at), were with friends, your date or your parents.

An After Prom Photo Session is all about you. Wear your hair in braids and your favorite, most comfortable shoes. Or your cowboy boots. Or go barefoot. Add a tiara, a top-hat.

Shoot in the rain. Shoot in the river. Shoot in the woods. Shoot on the street. Book your session for Fair Time and wander the midway, eating cotton candy and winning stuffed animals. Whatever/wherever you can think of in an hour, we’ll make it happen. Make memories with that dress like no one else has.

Let’s do your own private modeling session in that dress.

Modern Glamour Photography in Green Bay, Appleton, Seymour, Shawano, Wisconsin