Boudoir Shoot Ideas

Thinking about having a Wisconsin Boudoir Photo shoot? Yay! They are SO MUCH FUN!!! You might think that boudoir photography means lingerie and a bed, but that’s not all it is! Most of my boudoir sessions take place at my cute little studio just a few minutes west of Green Bay, but I also shoot boudoir sessions on location.

1. In the Bedroom Boudoir

Bedroom boudoir is classic. You dress in provocative lingerie and pose in a bedroom setting. It’s the first thing that most people think of when they think of a boudoir session and was once the most popular type of session.

2. White Sheets Boudoir

White sheets sessions are implied nudes using just a sheet. White sheets don’t have a size so they fit everyone no matter what the woman’s size is. You can be as covered up, or as exposed as you choose. The illusion of nudity is classic boudoir and sheets provide more coverage than most lingerie.

3. Baby Bump Boudoir

Maternity Boudoir is a great way to celebrate your body doing amazing things! Your body is changing and growing and documenting those changes creates wonderful memories. Baby bump maternity can be done solo or with your partner.

4. Birthday Boudoir

What better way to celebrate your birthay than with a gift of a boudoir session? I supply cute little props like a tiara, a cake or cupcakes w/candles and colorful balloons. For an additional price I’ll create a printed chalkboard or big number balloons. Or bring your own!!!

5. Bathtub Boudoir

Bathtub boudoir is just so much fun. We shoot in-studio (with colored water and floating flower petals for an extra price), on the patio or in a cozy little corner of my yard.

6. Bridal Boudoir

Bridal boudoir has been around as long as classic boudoir and is traditionally meant as a wedding day gift for your groom!

7. Water Boudoir

The beach or a river are perfect places to do a boudoir shoot. Water boudoir sessions might mean a little more courage because you might have an audience. I usually shoot very early in the day at Neshotah Beach and I shoot at Hayman Falls where it’s pretty easy to get away from any trail walkers.

8. Holiday Boudoir

My all time favorite sessions are Halloween Boudoir sessions, but Christmas and Valentine’s day are always fun, too!

9. Location Boudoir

I book a bed and breakfast, or a hotel room (for an additional price) and we shoot there! I can also come to your home!

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