Why Are Boudoir Sessions So Expensive?

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” ~ Red Adair

I’m a firm believer in you get what you pay for and if you want quality, it’s going to cost a bit more. But I also believe that if you do a little research you can get quality service for less money.

If you’ve been searching for a local boudoir photographer you know that boudoir photography is a lot more expensive than other types of photography. Locally, investment can start out at $300 and that’s WITHOUT any type of product!

Don’t get me wrong, those photographers are worth EVERY penny. Their work is outstanding and they offer a lot of bang for your buck, from hair, makeup and lashes to same day viewing to lunch while you wait for delivery of your images. THAT’S service and worth a pretty penny. But we tell you that you should come and spend the day and relax and love yourself, but let’s be honest: it’s hard to relax and enjoy yourself knowing you’re spending money that might be better spent on necessities than indulgences.

There’s no question that you know your own worth, but that doesn’t negate the fact that there are bills to pay, groceries to buy and holy SHIT! the cost of daycare! As bad as it sounds, our self-worth and confidence will always take a back seat to essentials.
But still … seeing yourself in a different light and enjoying the confidence that beautiful photos might bring, THAT’S where JLReis Photography comes in!

I’m not gonna give you a bulleted list of the costs of running a studio. To be honest, none of that applies to me. I don’t pay rent, my homeowner’s insurance covers my shooting space and I no longer offer hair and makeup. And really, none of that matters. What matters is that clients enjoy themselves and walk away with a better feeling about themselves and images they can cherish forever. Here is what a session with me includes:

  • I have 9 years of photography experience and have photographed hundreds of women. I’ve seen it all and I know what I’m doing.
  • As a former nail tech/hair stylist I have 20+ years of working one on one with women. I know how y’all work, lol.
  • I only book 1-3 sessions a week so I’m never backed up on editing.
  • This also gives me the time I need to do the hand editing I’m known for. Clients often ask if I’ve even done any Photoshop because I need you to look like an elegant version of yourself, not a plastic faced mannequin that your own friends and family wouldn’t recognize.
  • I include AT LEAST 10 fully edited, hand-picked images in my mini sessions, which further cuts my delivery time.

Yes, boudoir can be expensive and if you feel like you need to invest a large amount of money, then you most definitely should. But I’m here for the women who need a quick, inexpensive personal pick-me-up!.

Drop me a line and I’ll send you my five-page info brochure and you can decide if I’m the boudoir photographer for you.

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