The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

It’s just over three weeks ‘til Mother’s Day … still looking for something that she’ll love and that she won’t throw in a drawer and forget about? How about a JLReis Photography Boudoir Gift Card!

I know what you’re thinking, a boudoir session is kind of a weird mother’s day gift, but hear me out. Moms look at themselves and instead of seeing the bodies that grew and nourished their babies, the bodies that get up every day and take care of their families on top of going to work, all they see is their flaws.

But so many moms look at their beautiful, capable bodies that have brought life into the world and only see their flaws. When I see those bodies through the lens of my camera, I see the beauty that the people who love her see and it has been my job for the past 9 years to show women that beauty in themselves during their session.

I walk her through every step of the process from where to get her hair and makeup done to where to shop for lingerie. When she comes in I show her step by step how to pose for her photos and make our time together so much fun that she’ll forget about being nervous. I create classy photos that any mom would feel comfortable showing to HER mom. So whether you’re a mom or know a mom who could use some pampering, it’s time to book a boudoir session!

A JLReis Photography Boudoir session is the perfect way to give your mother, best friend, wife, or any woman in your life a chance to feel beautiful and empowered. I can’t wait to help her see how beautiful she really is!

JLReis Gift Card

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