Some day …

Wisconsin Boudoir - Just Do It

I’ve been thinking about the phrase “some day” a lot lately. As in: “I’m gonna do that some day, when I …”

Have more money
Lose some weight
Grow my hair out
Have the time
Get my shit together
Get braver

Why is it that we manage to have money for other people, but not for ourselves? Why do we think we have to lose weight to do ANYTHING? What if I look better with short hair? Time is like money: we make time for others, why not for ourselves? Getting your shit together is a never ending process, girlie and getting brave is a matter of perception.

Now I find myself at the age of 60 having NOT done so many things(and not being ABLE to do others). “Some day” has turned into “NEVER” and I’ll never get those days or opportunities back.

I have missed out on so many amazing things in my life but the best things I’ve done, I’ve done scared.
Make better choices than I did. Just do it.

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