Why Do A Wisconsin Boudoir Session

Appleton Wisconsin Boudoir

There are dozens of reasons to do an intimate photography session, but here are some just for you over 40 babes

  • You bought all that lingerie and it just sits in your drawers
  • You want to celebrate that weight loss, new boyfriend, divorce
  • You are finally old enough to appreciate yourself
  • His birthday is coming up and he doesn’t need any more damn tools
  • Your anniversary is coming up and he doesn’t need any more damn tools
  • YOUR birthday is coming up and you deserve it
  • You just got a divorce and it sucks to be him
  • You just need some time for you to get glammed up and feel sexy again
  • You’re getting married again and you want to remind him of what he’s getting
  • You’re an empty nester and you need something grown-up to decorate your nest
  • You want to start loving yourself but you’re not sure where to start
  • You just went through a huge transformation internally or externally
  • You want to know what confidence looks like on you!

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