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Wisconsin Boudoir Privacy

Things you should know before signing a contract with a boudoir photographer

Wisconsin Women's Photographer

Our policy at JLReis Photography is that every clients feels beautiful, sexy and SAFE. If you prefer that your photos aren’t shared with anyone but you … we get that. We’ll discuss the details during our pre-session consult but the bottom line is that your privacy is our TOP PRIORITY. No photograph is ever shared without your WRITTEN CONSENT

Of course we have clients who love their images so much that they are proud and excited to share them, we also have in-studio models who work with us on a regular basis and they allow us to use their photos in our private group, on our business Facebook page and here, on the blog because showing what we do is important.

Wisconsin Women's Photographer

If you WANT to share your images we give the option of anonymous images that keep your face private and focus on different areas of your body which aren’t recognizable.

Additionally, your images are never uploaded to our private gallery website without your written permission. If you prefer “in person” viewing of your images, we’ll view your photographs and products “In Person” either at my home or your home either at your home or in-studio. Your images are saved on MY private hard drive for one year, in case you would like to order more.

Your print products are sent privately and securely to my professional printing lab. I’ve worked with them for over five years and I trust them implicitly; they work with the best boudoir photographers around the world, so your portraits are in great hands!

Wisconsin Women's Photographer

When your session is finished, we want you to feel on top of the world, like the goddess we KNOW you are. When you work with us you get an experience that you can’t get with a cellphone and some free filters … you get an experience that leaves you with images that show you as perfectly, imperfectly, uniquely beautiful as you REALLY ARE!

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