Selfies Are HARD, Y’all
Boudoir selfie or professional photographer? Gah … I can shoot my clients, but taking my own photos, even with a professional camera and the knowledge I have is really fucking HARD. After yesterday I think I’m gonna do some searching and find a local photographer to do mine.

My job – my passion – is taking photos that allow women to look at themselves and love what they see, whether they’re taking the photos for someone they love or for themselves. Taking selfies is an exercise in PAIN… I am not kidding, my back is killing me from trying pose and hit the shutter at the same time. I warn my clients all the time that they’re gonna be sore and it’s true!

I’ll tell you what HAS happened since I started taking my own photos: I am accepting myself and my body. People, I am nearly 60 YEARS OLD!!!! That fact slaps me in the face on a regular basis and you know what? SO WHAT?

I’m becoming more confident in this mom-bod and my lived in face. Sometimes I see my own mom in my face. Sometimes I see my face in my daughter. This is me and if I don’t get good with what I have now, at the age of 57, when will I?

I’ve lost some weight recently, not on purpose, but I still have the wrinkles and the cellulite and that damn belly roll in the front and I’m okay with it. I really think a lot of it has to do with boudoir photography. I see my clients come in and toss off their clothes, trust me to make them look good and I KNOW I’m good too!

So yesterday I curled my hair with a flat iron because it was too freaking cold to go out to the studio more than once, watched a make-up video on YouTube, threw all my gear into a bag and went out to the studio.

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