Curves for Days

Curves Are Sexy!!!

I recently had a session with a stunner, not even lying. Tall, legs for days, GORGEOUS eyes and a pretty little bum. But all she could see was her tummy. It looked FAT. The woman didn’t have an ounce of unnecessary fat on her. I joked that I’d take off my muu-muu and show her REAL fat, but inside I was crying. How does someone so incredibly gorgeous not see it?

My heart breaks with the knowledge that women don’t believe they are beautiful, no matter what the fucking scale (or some asshole in their life) says. Ms. T strode into my studio and she’s here to show the world that all women are beautiful, no matter their size.

I won’t call her brave. I WILL call her a loving friend and mother, a beautiful soul and an all around good person. She was more or less bum-rushed into this session by Prudence and myself, and she was really nervous when we started. But as we shot and laughed, as I led her through the poses, she loosened up and began to enjoy herself. She was skeptical, but she bravely rolled through the session and we had a blast.

And she went from being sure she wouldn’t share her photos to choosing her favorites.

So many women say shit like: “I want to do a photo shoot but I need to loose 10 pounds first.” Screw THAT. If you want to lose weight, do it, but don’t resist having your photos taken because of some stupid thing in your head that just isn’t true (like the beauty at the start of this blog). Curves are HOT. If you got ’em, let me help you flaunt ’em.

Hair and Makeup by Prudence from Rustic Cuts & Co

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