Private Boudoir – I Protect Your Privacy

My daughter tells me that she’s never chosen a career because we told her that she could be anything she wanted when she grew up and she can’t make a decision. That’s a funny family story, but the truth is that at JLReisPhotography you CAN be anyone you want … and no one but you needs to know who you are! Who you are in private may be totally different than who you are in public and we can capture every side of you

How we, as a business in the business of photographing you at what is arguably your most vulnerable, keep you safe is important and we guarantee your privacy.

Many of our clients choose to keep their images TOTALLY private, to be seen only by themselves and their love. They don’t want their images online or on the walls or in albums in my studio. That is EVERY client’s choice. I don’t NEED to have my clients share their photos anywhere, I hire models and have studio reps for those times that I want to showcase a new set or a new technique. Every client can choose to show or not show her photos, no questions asked.

All clients are required to sign a contract before their session. But we don’t decide which of your images are shared (or not) until you’ve seen them and chosen your images. We’ll go over your contract and the area where you give permission for photos to be shown in detail and clients always have the option to choose not to share their photos.

Further, all galleries are shown in-person, in my studio. Your photos go from my camera to my work machine, to a jump drive, to my studio machine. This ensures that only you and I see your photos until you’ve made a decision. I do not share them online – not Facebook, not Messenger, not my blog. I will send you one “sneak” via email, but it will be one of the tamer shots.

JLReis Photography offers two specific sharing options. You give us permission to use only images where your face is not identifiable (body shots) or permission to use the images by saying yes or no to each image you’ve chosen. Again, if you decide not to show ANY – we’re okay with that.

But if you do decide to give us permission (and most clients do), we promise:

  • We never share images with nipples or genitals showing- period
  • We will never use your name unless you’ve given us permission
  • We change the filenames of your images, so there is nothing to point back to you
  • We don’t tag our clients on Facebook – ever. You are allowed to tag yourself if you wish

JLReis Photography also offers a sweet little thank you for those of you that DO choose to give full permission 😉

Hair by Prudence at Rustic Cuts and Co

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