Ashley Busalacchi’s Winter Chill Vendor Event

Emily and drove down Oshkosh way on Saturday to attend Ashley Busalacchi’s Winter Chill Vendor Event. It’s been a minute since I’ve been to a vendor show and I’d almost forgotten how much fun they really can be. A group of women get together to network and share their products and services and after a few hours? They’ve all learned something about the others.

I was also reminded about how passionate women can be about the things they love. I learned how to make a new snack mix, I’m trying to get rid of the bags under my eyes (I don’t have a problem with wrinkles – thank God – but those black circles!), ate a brownie (or two) that tasted like a Rumplemintz shot and got some good ideas for gift bags (ooh, those bath bombs!!)

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As I said, I went to network, but was reminded that women actually NEED photos if they run their own business. People know the brand they’re looking for, like Wildtree or Scentsy, but they also like to know WHO they’re doing business with. A good headshot can be just the thing to get a new customer to order from you.

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