You Don’t Have to Be Naked to Be Sexy

MsS is one of my original studio reps. A break in her school year has made her available for Rep sessions again. Hurray!!!lingerie for wisconsin boudoir/glamour photography

We first shot together last year at a local waterfall, some of you might remember her beautiful images.

Like many studios, I provide wardrobe because I LOVE to buy beautiful clothes!!!! The outfits that MsS is wearing in the session were put together by us in-studio, but you can bring ANY of your own clothing or lingerie. Love the dress you wore for your daughter’s wedding? Bring it. Have the negligee from your wedding night? Bring it. It’s up to you, but if you’re truly at a loss, I can even shoot you in nothing but a white sheet!!! One of my favorite pieces is a tulle skirt, paired with a totally different top, like the rosy beige sweater MsS is wearing.

I have three sweet and sexy tulle skirts, half a dozen bustiers, a fur stole and lingerie GALORE. I have a dozen different dresses in many different sizes and shoes? Do I have shoes? You know I do!

You can show as little or as much as you like, you never have to be naked to be sexy.

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