Rockabilly Dream Session

Rockabilly ROCKS!

I’ve been shooting quite a few bridal boudoir sessions in the last month; my clients want to save their photos for the groom, so I don’t get to share those. Sad 🙁

But yay! I DO get to show some of my other work. Like this Rockabilly inspired Dream Session from May. MissP and I took headed North for the morning and she led me to the perfect Rockabilly/Vintage scene for a photo-shoot. I love shooting outdoors and this Rockabilly session was PERFECT!

MissP and I have done quite a few outdoor sessions over the years and this one is definitely one of my favorites. We hang out, take some hot shots and laugh a LOT. Shooting with MissP is never just about taking pretty pictures. It’s about capturing her beauty in a setting that reflects who she IS. And that is my goal as a glamour/boudoir photographer: to take your photos in a setting that is all you and to put them all together for you to save and look at over and over as a forever reminder of your beauty.

It’s always a pleasure and an honor to share any session I’ve done with MissP.

Do you need a special occasion to have a dream session? No you DON’T. Let’s just shoot to celebrate YOU!!

Want to set your own Rockabilly/Vintage session? Just email me or Facebook PM and we’ll get the ball rolling

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