Let the Adventure Begin! – Meet the Reps

A month ago I started a Studio Ambassador program to find reps that would feature the beauty of all women, no matter their age, shape or size. Elizabeth and Emily were the first two to show interest in being reps and never they never wavered in wanting an opportunity. After reading their applications, I knew they were definitely in the running.

The day before I chose, I unexpectedly lost three of the five candidates. It really threw me for a loop and to tell the truth? I was very discouraged to be left with only two reps. But despite my disappointment, I set up the initial meeting with the ladies and hoped for the best.

I don’t think it could’ve turned out any better. Elizabeth was the first to arrive, and as we chatted while we waited for Emily, I realized that if things HADN’T happened the way they did I may not have had this phenomenal young lady in front of my camera. Shortly after Emily arrived and the three of got acquainted, I knew in my heart that the BOTH of them were meant to be studio reps for JLReis Photography. They UNDERSTAND the message that I am trying to spread – that all women are beautiful, that all women deserve to have reminders of that beauty.

In the next week I will be sharing Emily and Elizabeth’s stories in further detail, as we have our first formal sessions.

Welcome Ladies!!!

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