Wisconsin Modern Portraiture

What is modern portraiture? It’s a fancy name for personal photos that don’t look like they were taken at the mall, lol.

I’ve been missing in action, busy studying, working on the studio and taking photos. MODERN portraits. 😉

I’ve known Lisa for a couple of years, but didn’t realize how much we had in common till we got together for this session. I think we spent as much time laughing as we did taking photos.

We talked about the fact that we have so many photos of our kids, but so few photos of ourselves, unless you count the ones taken at Sears back when they were babies. We were too busy taking photos of them.

Now our kids are grown and having kids of their own. We’ve got pictures of our kids and our grandkids on the wall or on the mantle, but where are the photos of us?

Exist in Photos

We should all #existinphotos, we should all leave a moment in time for the people who love us.

This isn’t about taking it all off or glamming it all up (though it can be). It’s about looking at a photo of yourself and saying “Yes, I look great! I really DO!”

I want to create those photos for you. Come to my sweet little studio and let me show you how beautiful you are. Bring your three favorite outfits and we’ll talk and laugh and get some great shots. You don’t have to be skinny and you don’t have to “take good photos”. It’s my job to make you look great, and I WILL.

What are you waiting for? No better time than the present! Let’s get you on the calendar. Have questions? Call me at [920] 659-0614 or email beautiful@jlreisphotography.com

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