Join JLReis Photography’s VIP Glamour/Boudoir Private Group

Join JLReis Photography’s VIP Glamour/Boudoir Private Group

What is the Facebook VIP Boudoir/Glamour Group?

The Facebook VIP Boudoir/Glamour Group is a private Facebook group to show behind the scenes of my boudoir sessions, and to give those who are curious an idea of what they can expect during a boudoir/glamour session with JLReis Photography. I welcome any questions, concerns or comment in this group. I am here to educate you about Glamour/Boudoir Photography.

Glamour and Boudoir photography is about more than dressing up or taking it off. It’s not about sexuality.

Sue Bryce says it best:

Beauty… it’s the light that shines out of people’s eyes when they look at you… when you hold their gaze, and then everything else falls away… you see their true self and it’s just staring back at you, and it’s magnificent… and everybody has it.

In the future, I will be:

  • posting giveaways and perks
  • organizing invitation only events at my studio
  • running contests

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