Fifty and Fabulous

Betsy is the epitome of fifty and fabulous. I was so happy when she agreed to have her portraits done … she’s one of those women that just don’t do things like that for themselves. Getting one of the most wonderful women I’ve ever been blessed in knowing in front of my camera last week was incredible, and we just had an absolute blast.

Thirty two years ago I met husband’s best friend’s wife and started a friendship that has carried on through the years. It’s one of those friendships that you can go months without talking and then when you do, it’s like you never stopped. She is kind and wise and about as crazy as I am. I adore her.

I did the original reveal over lunch at a local restaurant, then went to the house so her husband could choose his favorite.

Surprise of surprises, they both picked the same two favorites, independently of each other (the first two in the gallery).

I love shooting women in their forties and fifties. Many times they’ve lost a lot their inhibitions and have realized that they deserve to do something for themselves. A spa day is spectacular, but photos last forever.

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