Seeing Inner Beauty

When people think of “beauty photography” they think of magazines and television ads with famous models. Nope.

We’re all candidate for beauty/glamour photography.

Shooting MissP was hear-fluttering treat for me. I have known – and loved her – for decades. Unfortunately, as the years passed, we saw each other only in passing and there was always the same old “We’ll have to get together ..” and we all know how that ends. She is an incredibly loving mom and friend and I know she works hard, too. For me to be able to give her these photos meant so much to me. And in giving to her I know I’m giving to her children and grandchildren as well (yes, she has grand-kids – WTH, she doesn’t look any older than she did when I first met her – NOT FAIR!).

I was tickled to get her in front of my camera and I hoped she loved the photos as much as I do. She is so beautiful, inside and out, such a gift to those of us who know her …it means so much to me to be able to show people the beauty that everyone else sees in her.

Thank you MsP, for the opportunity.

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