Modern Glamour

For a year or so, I piddled with all kinds of photography, it was only when I shot women that I truly loved my work. Mothers and daughters, sister, best friends … THOSE were the photos that stole my heart.

I tried so hard to force women to see the beauty I saw in my camera, and while I made money, I wasn’t making myself happy. The photos I shoot ARE beautiful, but because they are usually wearing little tiny outfits, my clients don’t share them with anyone but their loved ones; who already think they’re beautiful. I want my clients to dance out of my beautiful new studio and show their images to the first person they see! I want them to show those photos to my DOGS, because they are so blown away by how gorgeous they look they HAVE to show them to somebody!

On January 1st I pulled the trigger on a 12 Week course given by my photography idol, Sue Bryce. I have loved this woman for YEARS, even before I’d considered photography as anything more than a hobby. I was drawn in by the stories on her blog, then by her work and finally her voice.

I have learned more about the field of photography, and MYSELF, in the past eight weeks than I have in any class, workshop or tutorial I’ve taken in the past three years.

As a result I’ve once again restarted building my portfolio, to show the beautiful photos I can offer you. While I will NEVER stop shooting boudoir, I think ALL WOMEN should be able to show their photos to everyone, including their grandma. So I’ve graduated to Contemporary Glamour Photography.

What is Contemporary Glamour Photography?

My session with MsP was one that we’d talked about and made tentative plans for, but one day we said “NO MORE- we’re doing it!” And we did.

MsP was amazing – she is a hairdresser and a makeup artist, so I knew she’d come in hot for the session we’d decided on.

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