Implied Nude, What the Heck Is that?

Boudoir Glamour Photography in Green Bay, Appleton, Seymour, Shawano, Wisconsin | implied nudeIn the world of boudoir photography, “implied nude” means that the resulting photo LOOKS like the model/client was nude, but in reality, due to how they were posed, they were NOT NUDE.

In the photo above, the client was wearing panties, I went into PS and removed them. It also helps that the focus is on her incredibly sexy shoes and she’s out of focus in the background.

I know there are those who will say, “Either you’re nude or you’re NOT”, but really in the world of photography, that is just not true. There are camera angles, poses and props that I use to make my clients look as though they are naked as the day they were born, when in reality, in the studio, they were wearing AT LEAST a pair of panties, if not a bra, tube top or sometimes even more.

So, “implied nude” means the looks like she’s nude but none of the “naughty bits” show. Some clients don’t care and they’ll strip right down to their birthday suit in front of me, the majority want to be covered in some way, no matter the end look they’re going for.

I try to discuss this with my clients, either before the session, or as we’re going along, but mostly, whatever happens happens.

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