The Importance of Professional Headshot

Professional Headshot Photography in Green Bay, Appleton, Seymour, Shawano, WisconsinProfessional headshots are important? Are you a professional? Do you have a website, Twitter or Facebook account? Is your profile picture a picture of your dogs, a cartoon or a street view of your business? Do you have a professional headshots?

Why not?

I can guess. Most people, professional or not, don’t want to invest money having photographs taken of themselves for 100 different reason (which boils down to the same reasons that people don’t want to have personal portraits taken -but that’s for another blog).

Your customers like to see who they are working with. It makes you more real – and that makes you more trustworthy.

But why should you take a professional headshot if when you can take your OWN photo. Because it will LOOK like you took it yourself and if a clients feels that you don’t value yourself or business enough to have professional portraits taken, to represent the face of your business, no matter what it is, the odds are that they’ll choose someone else. NE Wisconsin is behind the times on a lot of things, but as more and more people become more and more familiar with the Internet and bringing their own business to the Interent, they’ll see what I’m saying.

I know that having your photo taken is stressful; trust me, I know. I’ve hated having my photos taken since HS (and it showed). But if I knew then what I know about angles and lighting, I would have taken better photos.


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