Can I Get ONE More NO Boudoir Excuse?

It’s the same old thing, the same old “why I don’t do boudoir” excuses, every time the subject comes up: “Oh, I could never do that. I mean if I did, YOU would do it… but I just can’t.” And then we spend the next 45 minutes with me nodding at every excuse they bring up and trying to convince them that they’re wrong. Dozens of no boudoir excuses. In the end, I know none of them get it. It’s too ingrained in their heads that they just aren’t – ENOUGH– pretty enough, thin enough, – whatever.


For those of you that keep giving me the same boudoir excuses, telling me you’re not model material (whatever the hell THAT is) – NO ONE is model material. I’ve shot models and guess what? They look just like you and me before the hair and the make-up. Models are not some glorious, ethereal thing that exists only in an aura of beauty in front of the camera.

For those of you that demurely say you wouldn’t know how to pose or do your hair or makeup … oddly enough, I take classes and read books and shoot glamour and boudoir every week; I know how to pose you. I also happen to know licensed hair and makeup artists. So those boudoir excuses don’t fly. Problem solved.

No More Boudoir Excuses | Green Bay, Appleton, Seymour

Oh, you sweet women who say you’re too fat or too old or too shy or not sexy … BULLSHIT. Such terrible excuses. No matter what, you are who you are right now and you are beautiful; to your husband, to your mother, to your children. Stop telling yourself lies and celebrate your NOW.

I have yet to have a client look at the back of my camera and not gasp. “Is that me?” Yes, it’s you and no, it’s not magic, it’s YOU.

No More Boudoir Excuses | Green Bay, Appleton, Seymour

I know, I know – I LOVE these excuses: I CAN’T be naked, I don’t have lingerie. Well guess what? You don’t have to be naked to be sexy. It is known.

No More Boudoir Excuses | Green Bay, Appleton, Seymour

Right now is the very best time in your life to do this. Right now is the time to leave your mark in this world. I’ve lost three friends and the father of a good friend in the past four weeks. I had the great opportunity to photography three of the four in the past two years. I was assured at one funeral that my photos were some of her favorites of herself … that is one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received.

Another fear I have to dispel with stunning regularity is that your photos will end up on the Internet. NO. Not a chance. No way. Your privacy is my number one priority. I would never use your photo without permission, and I’ve been known to ask several times even after I’ve GOTTEN permission. I print out of state. In 2017 I am implementing in person proof reveals. No one will EVER see your photos but you and I – until YOU show them.

Make 2017 the year that YOU make your mark on the world.


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