… If Only in My Dreams

For the second time in as many weeks I’ve had to deliver a disk to the family of past clients who’ve passed.

I don’t mind doing it, I really don’t. This is a tough time even for people with their shit together … they don’t need anything harder. Don’t look for the disk. Don’t try to figure out where to print, I’m here, I’ll help.

I fell in love with Phyllis the minute I met her – she was a dynamo and I know it was passed down in her family. Rest in piece good lady.
Wisconin Glamour Photographer

Dawn? Oh, Dawn was completely different little animal. She was sweet and kind and hot and funny and childish and I would have given a few more teeth to have been able to spend more time with her. My love and prayers go out to Dawn’s children, Steve, Kirsten and the rest of Doc’s family
Glamour Photography Green Bay, Shawan, Appleton


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