Every year I go to the local thrift store and grab two or three quart sized plastic blags. They cost me about $1.25, and my theory is that if I get ONE good ornament out of the bunch I’m ahead of the game. Some of them I’ll use for gift wrapping ornaments and some go back into the donate bag. It’s really a win-win situation. So this year as I was on the prowl for ornaments for the studio Monster Tree, I snatched up two of the $1.25 bags on my way to the checkout.

Last night my friend was watching me open the bags and sort thru keepers, give backs and possibles. She let out a crow and grabbed the second bag; a the very bottom was this:
Modern Glamour Photography in Green Bay, Appleton, Seymour, Shawano, Wisconsin

For those of you who don’t believe in karma or in synchronicity, it may not mean much. To me, it’s another sign that I am going in the right direction.and it makes me brain burn and my heart thump faster.

I’m making some marketing changes in 2017, based on my current client base (basically the photos I can’t share, lol). I don’t think Seymour is actually ready for the idea of having your glamour/beauty photos taken just because you want to, because you’re worth it. The clients I *am* reaching understand this concept clearly. They understand that my work is not pornography, that my work is intended to raise THEIR self esteem.

I hope desperately that this will eventually reach all women, no matter their age, shape or size.

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