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JLReis Glamour/Headshot PhotographyMsK’s eyes get me every time. She came prepared, with some LOVELY dresses and completely got the idea of “glamour” photography. Not only can she use these photos personally, but as headshots in her position as a wrestling ring announcer.

Back in the day, “glamour photography” was all pretty much the same. We’ve all seen (and many of us have DONE) our photos at the local mall, complete with the American flag/leather jacket bier look; the lacy dress and picture hat with the huge flower on the brim, for the Southern Belle look … you remember. Some f us chose to wear our own clothes, but had some pretty sketchy backgrounds; remember the lazer beams?

Glamour photography is no longer a caricature: glamour photography has become softer, classy and more refined and no one’s photos look like the lady’s down the block. Unlike boudoir, THESE photos can be shown to everyone, you can leave your portfolio on your coffee table.

Why have them done? The same reason you have ANY professional photos done: the mark a moment in time.

Drop me a line at and we’ll get you set up for YOUR Glamour Session.

The books are OPEN and we're taking appointments for October 2021, let's roll, dolls.

Hair and makeup by Rustic Cuts & Co

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