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 Details - JLReis Boudoir Photography

One of my favorite parts of a boudoir session are the boudoir detail shots. Boudoir detail shots catch a bit of mystery; your favorite parts of yourself, a unique piece of jewelry that accentuates yours eyes, those sassy panties or shoes that you adore.

Boudoir detail shots tell your story. They give your loved one a glimpse of HIS favorite party of your body or HIS favorite panties or shoes. They can highlight your favorite sports team or your favorite pastime (reading, gardening, shooting pool – the possibilities are endless.

Boudoir detail shots can also be shared with others besides your loved one or yourself. You can show them to friends without showing too much. I have clients who’ve actually had prints made for their bedroom wall.

MsV was such a pro; she’d never done anything like this before, but she got comfortable pretty fast (and if she wasn’t she sure didn’t show it) and her shots turned out just lovely.

I like to take a combination of full-body, full-facial and detail shots. This combination tells YOUR personal story.

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