Just Because You Want To

So many people think boudoir/glamour is close to “dirty pics” and if they don’t think that, they think there’s really no reason to have them done. What in the world would you DO with them?

They are NOT dirty picture and there are a million and one reasons (approximately 😉 ) to have them done. The BIGGEST reason is just because you WANT to. And what do you do with them? Whatever you want … keep them for yourself, as a reminder that you are a beautiful, strong and amazing woman. Share them with someone special. Give them as a gift to the love of your life …

MsR is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met and which is probably why she’s one of my two best friends in the world. She’s smart, she’s a knockout and she’s got all the moxie in the world. She is the epitome of “Not Naked, Not Young and Not a Size 6“.

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