Model Call

Mother Nature is cruel sometimes. We get torrents of rain and the yard fills up. Then we get a nice windy day which starts to dry things up, but not enough. Then it rains – AGAIN.

I am frustrated beyond belief!

In the meantime, while I’d rather NOT shoot in the house, I have been in order to accommodate my lovely clients. My sessions are turning out wonderful and my clients are nothing more than super-understanding, and I appreciate that so much.

When the studio is finished, I have so many GREAT THINGS planned: An Evening With My Favorite Boudie Model – you’ll be invited to watch as I go step by step through what goes on in a REAL boudoir/glamour session, from how we choose your outfits to how I pose you and beyond. Refreshments and discounted services will be offered.

Because the studio will be a bit bigger than the main street address, with the addition of a patio, I am planning a couple of exercise classes: pole dancing and stripping! I think that would be a blast! I might even add a belly dancing class, since I’ve taken one in the past and enjoyed it so much. Belly dance is such a graceful art and you look good doing it no matter your size; in fact, it’s said that a little bit of tummy is actually preferred!

In the meantime, I am practicing like crazy between sessions, but in an effort to build my portfolio, I am offering two highly discounted sessions.

On May 9-10, I am offering two days of sample sessions! These are thirty minute sessions, with a specific theme. The themes of these sessions will be “Just a Sweater” on Monday and “In the Sheets” on Tuesday. Pick the time that’s better for YOU, morning, afternoon or evening. Nudity is NOT required; you must provide your own panties, the prettier the better. There are only four spots open, so it’s first come first serve!

These sessions will be shot ANONYMOUSLY (no faces or identifying marks) for advertising, so unless you don’t care if your face is showing, fix your hair and make-up as you would for a regular day.

Details – Two options, but all sessions are 30 minute sessions:

1. “Just a Sweater”: $50 (due at booking), three 4×6 prints ($18 value), delivered in a pretty package for give giving. Bring your own sweater, jersey, t-shirt, man’s shirt, etc. Take a look at my Pinterest board for some ideas –

2. “In the Sheets”: $50 (due at booking), 30 min. session, three 4×6 prints ($18 value), delivered in a pretty package for give giving. I’ve got the sheets and some pretty sassy jewelry –

Advertsing images will have all identifying marks, moles, tattoos, hair color, etc, removed, but YOUR photos, will of course, include your face, and will be ready for you to choose your three in 48 hours and you’ll receive your prints in ten days.

This is a great opportunity for all you pretties who are sitting on the fence and I am looking for all shapes and sizes

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