Big Changes on the Horizon

From the very first minute I knew in the back of my head what y goal in photography would be. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and who I wanted to do it for.

Over the past three year I’ve been all over the map, trying to make everybody but myself happy … those days will come to end before the end of summer.

You can find the next part of this blog on my SBG website, but it still echoes in my head and it’s STILL my aim. This is my year to brig this dream to the forefront. I hope you’ll be with me.

I see the walls women – tall, shirt, thin, curvy – put up between themselves and the rest of the world in regards to their looks. When I raise my camera their heads go down, their hands go up and … something inside me hurts a little because I know exactly how they feel and I want to do anything to make that feeling go AWAY.

I know that everything they hate about themselves is rolling around in their head and they’re trying desperately to figure out a way to hide all the things they hate about their body. They’re remember every insult, real or remembered from childhood, they’re remembering every well-intentioned piece of advice they’ve heard from mothers, grandmothers, friends about how to minimize the width of their waist or their double chin or how they should turn to make their nose less prominent.

[ … ]

I am not the best photographer in the world, but I work EVERY DAY to perfect my skills so that I can make the your photo experience one of joy and happiness. It is my JOB to give you photographs that you can look at in the future and SEE what your loved ones see, see the beauty that you bury beneath all those terrible lies you’ve been told by yourselves and by others. It’s my job to give you MEMORIES, wonderful memories, not only for yourselves but for your loved ones.

Here’s to 2016 – let’s let it be OUR best year yet.

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