Headshots aren’t just for white collar professionals, anymore. Whether you own a small business, or work for a large corporation, a headshot is an important piece of marketing material. You need to present yourself as approachable and educated as to what you do.

A quickie iPhone shot isn’t gonna do that.



Additionally, Facebook isn’t the only place you need to have a headshot: your business card, your website, your Facebook business page and on your blog are just a few places where having a professional headshot can be an asset to your business.

Potential clients, no matter your business, will study your headshot, to see if they have a connection with you, if they feel comfortable with you.

Image is everything, and sadly, people DO judge you on your looks.

For thirty minutes and $100 you can have five professional headshots taken that can be used for your business website, your FB business page, your Link In profile … anywhere you need to identified and remembered.

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