It’s the same Dang Thing EVERY Year

Yup, Valentine’s Day (or Christmas, or his birthday). Y’all have been together for a while (at least two years, doesn’t have to be decades ::cough-cough::) And you just don’t know what to GET him. He buys whatever he wants and he sure didn’t look too enthused with with those last couple of T-shirts you got him. Besides, who gets their lovah a friggin T-shirt?

I’ve got your solution right here and it’s as simple as pie (for those of you who bake, lol). Have your photos taken.


REALLY have your photos taken.

Give him an album of your photos taken in a way he hasn’t seen you in a while. Remind him of how things were before little Beauford and Celine came along. Before the ar payments. Before the house. Before you started spending weekends apart with your friends. If you think his head won’t pop off you’re out of your mind.

Do you think he doesn’t WANT to see you dressed (or undressed, as the case may be) again – you crazy, baby. Do you REALLY think he’d rather look at a flat magazine of photo of a woman he doesn’t know than look at photos of the warm body he sleeps next to every night, the body he knows from top to bottom, the body he’s memorized with his fintertips? Think again. Even men who’ve sworn the didn’t want their woman to take “those kind” of photos fell in love with their album or gift box. I know of one album that’s actually gone dog-eared because he takes it out when she’s gone on the road.

Everybody all together … awwwwwwww.

Don’t give me grief about not being able to afford something to wear, blah, blah, blah … first of all you don’t even have to BUY anything. Grab his favorite work shirt, his favorite team jersey, your favorite sweater and a pair of high heels. Tada! Wardrobe.

You wanna buy something new?

Lotsa local cheap-o stores sell some pretty hot stuff: Torrid has this awesome mesh and lace corset for under $60!

And you can wear it next summer as a summer top!!!!


This little number is $16.00 at Charlotte Russe!

And this beauty is at KOHL’S –  KOHL’S, ladies, for only $69.00


Not to mention the shoes and nighties and stoles and sweaters and jerseys that *I* have on hand.

sbg_sporty SassyBee Glamour Photography sbg_partial_011

A lot of your friends are doing this and wondering why they haven’t done it before. Some of your MOMS have done it … and LOVED it.

You don’t have to be naked. You don’t even have to wear sassy underwear … you can do this in jeans and a top if you feel good in them!

Check out my Pinterest board – note the diverse age, size and weight of these ladies and they are ALL smokin hot.
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