Baby It’s Cold Outside

What the hell is boo-dar? Or bwoo-door. Or any number of goofy ways that people usually pronounce the word boudoir (boo-dwah, btw).

First, I’ll tell you what it’s NOT. It is not naked women rolling around in dark rooms having their photos taken. While it can definitely BE sexy, it’s not really ABOUT sex. It’s about how a woman feels about herself, her life, her relationship, her lover. It’s a celebration of your life, of your accomplishments, of your own personal beauty.

We are so goddam hard on ourselves – about everything from what kind of mother we are to our looks; but it’s our looks that we are the hardest on. Otherwise explain the ungodly amount of money that’s spent in one month alone on make-up, gizmos to remove hair and gym memberships. All in the name of trying to make ourselves beautiful.

A couple of weeks ago a client laughed and said to me “Make me sexy.” If you were the most beautiful woman in the world I could not “make” you sexy. I can make you beautiful, but sexy is a whole different animal. Sexy isn’t something you can brush on or wear, sexy is something you feel. Sexy is confidence.

It’s feeling good about yourself and when you feel good about yourself you stand a little taller and your eyes sparkle and your smile is just that much brighter. It’s like being in love with yourself.

Let me make you fall in love with you.

Merry Christmas!

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