He’s Checking His List …

Happy Holidays The older I get, the fewer answers I have when someone ask me what I want for Christmas. I’m not and have never been a huge jewelry fan, though my spouse has gotten me some pretty pieces. Get me no plant … I will kill them. Seriously.

You’d think my family knew m well enough to at least find out what I want, but I’m beginning to see that the things I’ve thought I was pounding into their heads over the past 30 years has fallen on deaf ears.

For the most part, I have everything I’ve ever wanted and what I don’t have, I don’ see myself getting in the near future.

But from you, dear and loyal client, what is most important is word of mouth.

I’ve taken quite the little slew of what I like to call “panty pictures” over the summer and if what I’ve been told, my clients are pleased with the results. And this is where it should get easy: my clients are HAPPY and they know DOZENS of women who work with dozens of women who play darts with dozens of women … see where I’m going here?

A photographer’s most valued gift is word of mouth and I’d love for you to use your mouth to help me grow my business.

Even though I’ve had to change HOW I run my business, I intend to KEEP running my business and I am grateful to God for each and every one of my clients and supporters (those people who don’t have their photos taken, but refer me to others) I am thankful for your faith, belief, and appreciation of my work.

That’s why I’m starting a Client Referral Program!!

For every client you refer who books and completes a Boudoir/Glamour Portrait Session, you will receive a $25 Referral Credit towards your OWN session!

I will keep track of each referral and notify you via email of each one. If you are one of my loyal friends, but haven’t had a chance to book your own session, that’s even better! Just make sure the person you refer gives me your name and email address and I’ll add you to the program to start getting your credits so you can get your own dang photos taken!

Anyone can play – friends, people who love my work, people who want to have their photos taken – everybody’s welcome!

Your credits start to add up immediately as soon as someone SHOOTS their appointment.

The best part?
There is no limit to the number of credits you can accumulate and they won’t expire (they also arent worth any money, so they can’t be traded in for anything else 😉 )! Just think, only THIRTY TWO referrals to get The Whole Damn Works for FREE!!!!

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