Things I Love

One of the things I love to do (when I have the time) is photo manipulations – I was doing this LONG before I started taking photos professionally.

Just like the other things I do for relaxation – or used to do – (raw HTML coding, little tiny cross-stitch and filet crochet), it is time consuming and tedious, but my front brain shuts off and whatever is bothering me gets rolled around in my back-brain and I manage to come up with a solution.

The bike photo was created using two photos from DeviantArt, the bike photo and the background and was inspired by an image I saw while cruising Tumblr – can’t remember whose image it was, but it stuck in my head. I didn’t have anything of my own to use, so I went to DA.

The Little Red image was taken of my friend’s daughter in their back yard and merged with two images again, from DeviantArt. I can’t find the originals

Moonlight was taken two years ago in a local cemetery and manipulated using images from – again – DeviantArt.  I REALLY have no idea who took the DA images.

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