The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

Old time glamourIt’s a sad but true story (and anyone who knows me, knows this about me) I am a slow starter. I really don’t fire up in the traditional way. I start off, big guns blazing, then tire right the hell out an and sit down for a while. I then rethink every stupid thing I did to start with and go at my goal in another, more controlled way. It’s been my MO for years.

It works for me.


This time I’ve had to face the sad truth that no matter how much I want to be the area’s premiere glamour/boudoir photographer, it’s coming to me slowly. TOO slowly and that’s making me crazy. It’s actually gotten to the point where I’ve dropped my prices to an embarrassingly low price and I still don’t get any appointments.

NBridal Boudoirot because I don’t take good photos, because I do. I KNOW I do – my studio is filled with beautiful photos. I’ve made many grooms happy on their wedding day when they’re presented with that little black book from their fiancee. I’ve made just as many women happy with their own little black books that they can look back at any time and SEE their true sexiness, the beauty they keep tucked away under their mask of mom, or professional person or wife.

I went into this last year with THIS thought in my mind: “EVERY woman needs, no DESERVES, a day to herself where everything is about her and where she has a lifelong memory of that day.” Usually only brides get that … the beautiful dress, the styled hair and pro make-up. All eyes are on her.

For that one day.

Why don’t we get another one of those days in our lives? We certainly deserve it.

Sassy SilhouetteMay is a crazy month for me this year, birthdays GALORE and my own angel daughter’s wedding where she will have the FIRST of days where she is the center of attention, because I’m going to make sure that she has many, many more.

And I’m going to make sure that every woman I know has a day like that. Even if you take the prettiest selfie in the world, and I have dozens of friend who do, it doesn’t compare to being pampered and catered to for an entire day and then having photos to look back on (that aren’t on a phone between our drunk dance on the bar and what we had for lunch).Bridal Boudoir

You are out there – you follow me and you like every photo that I post on SBG’s Facebook. I KNOW you want to come and be pampered for the day.

Before the summer is out I will make you see that you not only need to have it done, but that you deserve it and you’ll have the memory of the best thing you’ve ever done in your entire life.

For the rest of your life.

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