Laws, the Mondays  Make Me Tired

Wisconsin Glamour PhotographyYou’d think after a weekend of resting and relaxing that I would be just all fired up and ready to go on Mondays. You’d think wrong.

Fortunately my brain is fired up, so my body has no choice but to stumble along blindly and try to catch up, lol.

I’ve made some changes around here this weekend, the biggest being the number of packages I offer and my rates. You can check out the new awesomeness on the pricing page. Along with dropping three of the six packages, I’ve ramped up the biggest package (fondly known as “The Whole Damn Works”). Not only do you get your hair and make-up done, BUT hair extensions and false lashes (if you so want them) are included as well as [tooltip width=”875″ position = “right” trigger=’One free outfit‘] Pick one free outfit! [/tooltip]!

Also … I’ve made a new YouTube video.


Yeah, that SOUNDED like a good idea and at some point it WILL be, but right now, just like with everything else, I am limping along. Go over and check it out, but be nice, okay?

So along with this big wedding that’s coming up in sixty-seven days (!) Mother’s Day is also coming up. Now I, being blessed with the two most wonderful kids in the world (and I can say that because they don’t live with me), don’t really NEED anything, but what about YOUR mom (or the mother of your children)? Gifting her with a portrait session is a great idea and I have just the thing.

Mother's Day Gift

Pay now, book later! Give her time to make plans!

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