Some Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

Wisconsin Glamour PhotogrphyWomen, we are such an enigma, aren’t we? We want to look beautiful, we want to be told we’re desirable, we want to feel sexy … and yet, what do we do to make any of that happen?

I know, I know … trust me, I KNOW. Remember, I am older than dirt. Back in the day I wanted all those things and I got them; but I was young and single and life was so much different then. Then I fell in love with the man that gave me all of the above and life was grand.

And somewhere over the course of the past 30 years I FORGOT what it was like to feel beautiful, to feel desirable, to feel and to BE sexy.

“Boudoir Photography” and “Glamour Photography” has taken a bad rap in the last few years – nobody seems to know what it really is and most people assume it’s pornography of some variety.

Hang on while I roll my eyes here …

Okay, done.

Boudoir photography and glamour phototgraphy are in no way, shape or form porn. I DO NOT take dirty pictures. I take portraits that make women feel amazing about themselves. I take portraits that remind women that the person they have always been is still there – after the kids, after the job, after the years.

And taking these photos does something for ME as well as for my clients. My clients have let me into their lives, have shared their thoughts and feelings with me and helped me to realize that I’m not the only one who feels old, or tired or not as attractive as I used to be.

And when those women see their photos and see themselves transformed into the woman they know they are it makes me feel AWESOME. I kind of feel like Cinderella’s fairy godmothers – I’ve transformed my clients from tired, overworked Cinders into glamorous and gorgous Cinderella.

SassyBee Glamour PhotographySometimes I cry. True story.

Who sees my photos? Are you gonna paste them all over Facebook or your website?

I get asked some form of this question by every client I work with and it’s an important question. I understand being from such a small community and being afraid that someone you know might see soemthing they shouldn’t.

I DO NOT post any pictures to my website or FB unless you’ve given me permission. If you give me permission, I never use your photo without asking first – AGAIN – and I never use your full name. If you allow me to post your photos on Facebook, I don’t tag you, I give you the option of tagging yourself. And even if you’ve given me permission, as a paying client, you can say no to any photo you don’t want me to use.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Absolutely NOT. You can be sexy and desirable and fully clothed. I have yet to take photos of anyone that is naked. I’m not saying I wouldn’t take nude photos if the client requested it, because I wold. I’m saying I haven’t done it yet.

I am so nervous, what do I do to get over that?
You know what? So am I. Even when I shoot close friends, I am always nervous. At some point that goes away and before you know it, we’re laughing and having a grand old time. Happens EVERY time.

Wisconsin Boudoir PhotographyDo I have to come to your studio?
Nope. I’ve gone to clients’ homes to do their session. I’ve shot in fields, barns, backyards and ritzy-titsy hotel rooms. Do you have a special place that you’d like to have your portraits taken, we’re there. 🙂

I shoot where YOU’RE comfortable.

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