Why Are Your Prices Different

Boudoir and Glamour Photography in WisconsinI had a client recently ask why there was a difference in pricing and products for MadBee Photo and SassyBee Glamour, so here’s the explanation.

MadBee Photo is geared toward families with older children and seniors. I also offer my services to brides and grooms whose wedding and budget is smaller. To save those clients time and money, I shoot disk-based packages so that they can have their photos printed wherever they please, whenever they please.

SassyBee Photography is a whole different animal … the sassiest. I am marketing to women only and many times women don’t want anyone but their significant other to see their photos. I had one client who didn’t even want anyone to know she’d had her photos taken, so I went to her house.

If you book with SassyBee you’re given a mini-to-maxi glamour-like experience, in all except my least expensive package.

Boudoir and Glamour Photography in WisconsinFirst, you and I decide exactly what collection you are going to shoot. You and I make a shared Pinterest board and pin examples of the types of poses and clothing and accessories that we’ll be using in the session. If you choose to have a HMUA, I’ll share the board with her, as well so that she knows what you’re looking for. When we do your session, we’ll refer to that board so that your photos are EXACTLY what you want.

When you come in for your SassyBee appointment, you are pampered with hair and makeup and even the adult beverage of your choice. You and I will go through the clothes/costumes you’ve brought and decide exactly the right combination to get the look that you want.

I will guide you through your poses, which I promise is highly entertaining, and when we’re done shooting you will get an immediate preview of the photos we’ve just taken and choose the photos included in your package (if you’ve booked a larger package, your larger in-person gallery viewing will be available 7-14 business days after your session).

And this is the biggest reason there is a difference in pricing and products between the two divisions of my business:


Glamour/Boudoir Photography in WisconsinYour privacy is of the highest importance to me and will be protected at all times. All images that you see on this website or on SBP’s Facebook page have been approved by the client prior to the posting and are used with my clients’ permission. Some of the photos are models who have been hired for particular sessions.

I want you to feel completely comfortable before, during and after your session. I require a model release form signed prior to each session. This form protects both of us. If you allow me to use your photos, your full name will never be associated with your photos without your consent.

After your session, you and I will proof your photos in the privacy of my studio vs online or email. We will discuss whether you want to show any of your photos anywhere. I will NEVER use an image from your session without your consent. You will always have complete control over which images are released and you always have the right to keep ALL images private.

I take extra special time with the processing of my SassyBee clientele’s photos … it is my goal that your photos look like you at your most glamorous. Your photos go through an extensive retouching process that can take up to an hour for each photo. Any facial blemishes will be completely removed. Wrinkles, double chins and under-eye bags, while not removed, will be softened and minimized. My work is very delicate, almost to the point where clients don’t even realize I’ve done anything.

The prints that you choose for your package are printed through my professional printer in a different state – not at the WalMart in Green Bay. NO ONE ever sees your photos but YOU.

So … there’s the explanation for the difference in pricing.

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