Photography Styles

So … I’ve been a “real” photographer for going on two years. Of course, anybody that knows me knows that I was studying the craft LONG before I decided to become a professional. Since the beginning, amongst the professional groups that I belong to, there has always been the idea pounded into the head of members that a “signature style” is a must. And if you know me, you know I’ve fought that notion from the start.

I guess if you’re REALLY into the “branding” of your work, you’d want all of your photos to have the same kind of feel to them, but for someone who is celebrating the individuality of their clients (waving), I think it’s actually detrimental. There is no way to shoot 10 different women the SAME way. Every client I’ve worked with has been different from the rest and for them to be photographed the same as the others is IMPOSSIBLE.

On that note, I’ve finally added photos to my portfolio page and created a blog post!

Go ME!

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