Merry Christmas from me and BigD!

Merry Christmas from me and BigD!

Y’know, there are two things that are never the same without kids: one is the County Fair and the other is Christmas. I got to spend time with family and the gifts were lovely … but without little kidlets, the joy just isn’t there. I’m not being Scrooge-y, just stating one of my facts.

Maybe it’s because I have so much laughter and good times with my friends and family, that I expect the holidays to be so much more … MORE.

Greedy, ain’t I?

I HAVE been thinking about what 2015 means to me in the way of my business. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve split things a bit. I started out wanting to be the local – BETTER – version of Glamour Shots, but got waylaid by taking some pretty spectacular pictures of some gorgeous seniors, a couple of small venue weddings and more families that I would have expected.

And I found myself enjoying it much more than I would have suspected.

The thing is, except for a couple of regular all-female sessions that I do, I did very few glamour sessions. And those are the sessions I know I do BEST. When I get rockin with my ladies, we roll out some pretty sweet photos.

I think because I’ve had everything all lumped together, it confused people. Women looking for more intimate photography saw families and assumed I wasn’t doing the glamour sessions. Families and parents of seniors might have been put off by seeing a suggestive photo (NOT naked, as we all know you don’t have to be naked to be sexy), so I don’t share them on my Facebook page.

Sweater Session

Sweater Session

Come the first of January, SassyBee Photography will be opening it’s doors (figuratively, people, it’ll be the same red door on Main St ;)) with a vengeance. I’m grabbing 2015 right by the short hairs and hanging on with all my might.

I intend to create more fulfilling photo sessions, both for myself and with women who have overcome obstacles in their lives but finally are happy and in love with themselves. I will be aggressively looking for those women … and if you feel as though YOU fit that bill, you just drop me an email. I’ll make you a memory that’ll last your lifetime.

My Little Red

My Little Red

I want to create more art. For myself of course, but also for my clients. I’ve had this session in my head for years and finally the stars aligned. The photo turned out just as gorgeous as I’d pictured it in my head (you’ll be able to see it in the window on Main St. later this week).

So, do you see yourself as a grown-up and sexy Disney princess or a fairytale heroine (I’ve got Rapunzel stuck in my head these days). Shoot me an email, we’ll get the wheels turning on your own personal “Once Upon a Time“.

I’m actively looking for a local Muse that will be able to drop everything when I get a session in mind and need someone to bring my photographic dream to life. Curvy is lovingly embraced, “mature” is even better (Wow, how about a hot-mama 50 year old Snow white? I see a short black leather skirt, hot yellow silk blouse and over the knee CFM boots.) The job won’t pay in dollar bills, but you’ll have a ton of gorgeous photos and to quote Billy the Kid: “I’ll make ya famous.” Seriously, I’m looking for a woman from 21 years old all the way up to 60 years old who’s up for some photographic shenanigans.

I’ve started a new board on Pinterest to give y’all an idea of what I’m aiming for here . I intend to be THE premier glamour photographer in the area – come along for the ride ladies. Let’s make some damn history!

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